Security forces attack protesters chanting anti-regime slogans

Tehran, Iran Focus, 16 June – Hundreds of Tehranis, mostly young people, staged a march from the capital’s Yousef-abad district to Vanak square, in north Tehran around midnight. They were chanting, “free all political prisoners,” “we don’t want a government with guidance patrols,” “Sattar Beheshti, we will continue your path,” “Neda Agha Soltan, the lady of Iran, your path is continuing,” and “don’t be afraid, we are all together.”

State Security Forces and the paramilitary Bassij forces attacked the rally and began beating them up with sticks and batons. The clashes were continuing as of this hours (05:00 local time).

The protesters were saying that on the first night of Hassan Rowhani’s presidency, there is no tolerance of our demands reflected in our slogans.