Two Years in, Iran Nuclear Deal Has Failed

Iran Focus

London, 17 Jul - The two-year anniversary of the Iranian nuclear deal has really shown the grave failures of a policy of appeasement towards the Iranian Regime.

The Regime is destabilising the Middle East, building intercontinental ballistic missiles that can reach Europe, Asia, and Africa, and working with North Korea on nuclear weapons technology in violation of the agreement.

Michael Tomlinson, wrote on Iran Lobby: “The world is now faced with missile threats from both sides of the planet controlled by autocratic regimes that have shown a complete disregard for the value of human life.”

Tomlinson heavily criticised the Obama administration for its concessions to the Iranian Regime, in order to keep the “moderates” on board that effectively changed the nuclear deal “from a potential instrument of regime change to little more than a slight postponement in the regime’s plans for regional domination”.

Of course, there are no such thing as a “moderate” in the Iranian Regime, and they weren’t brought out by this deal, in which the US and the other signers of the deal effectively gave up on human rights, restricting terrorism restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile programme, international inspections of the nuclear sites, rescuing hostages, and restricting centrifuges.

Tomlinson wrote: “If anything, the reactionary, cold-blooded mullahs have demonstrated they remain firmly and clearly in control of the levers of powers and were only emboldened by the agreement…In each case, the Iranian regime was allowed to lift restrictions from some of its more problematic activities such as its missile program, but most importantly, it eliminated consequences for the regime’s actions.”

There is no way to punish the Regime for breaking the agreement, because they received all the benefits (cash) up front.

So now it is up to the Trump administration to find Iran non-compliant with the deal, but rumours abound that they will- for the second time this year- agree that Iran is compliant with the deal until they figure out US foreign policy towards Iran should be.

This is troubling because recent reports from German intelligence agencies reveal that Iran is still trying to buy components used in the creation of nuclear weapons and Iran is working with North Korea on the development of nuclear weapons.”

Tomlinson wrote: “On the second anniversary of the Iran Deal, the remarks to dub the flawed deal, as a good deal continues, by the Iran Lobby. It is indeed time to rid Washington from the Iranian regimes lobbies such as [the National Iranian American Council] NIAC and from people like [it’s head] Trita Parsi.”



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