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Iran Focus:
Iran in top-ten press violators
4 million widows in Iran
Children in Prison
Iranians among detained attackers
Dehloran youth protest unemployment Iran Focus

Iran in top-ten press violators
Iran ranked 158th out of 167 countries in violation of free speech, according to the third annual worldwide index of press freedom report announced yesterday by Reporters Without Borders.

4 million widows in Iran
According to the latest statistics for this year released by the Iranian regime there are presently over four million widows in Iran. The latest figures indicate that a considerable proportion of these women are under the age of 30.

Children in Prison
“There are presently 18 children under two years old in Evin, Raja’ii Shahr and Varamin prisons in Tehran Province,” the daily Sharq reported on Monday. Across the country, 210 children under two years of age are spending time in prison beside their mothers, the paper added.

Iranians among detained attackers
Iraqi Justice Minister, Malek Dohan, said on Sunday, “About 150 Arab nationals detained on charges of involvement in some attacks in Iraq showed up in the country’s courts”. “They numbered between 150 to 160 people from Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon,” he added.

Dehloran youth protest unemployment
More than 400 unemployed youth in Dehloran (western Iran) staged a protest outside the city's Labor Department at the start of this week. The protestors, who had applied for jobs a few months ago in the Sabz Refinery Company of Dehloran's Oil Company, said they have to travel 130 kilometers everyday just to find out about their employment situation but have yet to receive any answers.


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