Washington, 30 Jun - There are concerns on Capitol Hill that Iran is once again pressing the Obama administration to ‘shamefully’ sacrifice Tehran’s pro-democracy opposition as a concession to the regime in the ongoing nuclear negotiations, a former member of the White House National Security Council staff has warned.

"Concessions characterize Washington’s policy in nuclear talks with Tehran. Running out of ways to concede, there are rumors the ayatollahs may ask Washington to place the main opposition that rejects clerical rule — prodemocracy organizations — on the chopping block," Prof. Raymond Tanter of the Iran Policy Committee wrote in The Hill on Monday.

Iranian regime's assassination plots and sanction dodging has been exposed by South African Intelligence Agencies. Middle East News channel Al-Jazeera revealed to the world how Tehran is seeking to dodge trade restrictions imposed on them by the International Community in response to their horrifying human rights record, sponsorship of terrorist factions and their undying quest to attain nuclear warheads. According to leaked documents acquired from the South African intelligence the Iranian Regime is using fake company fronts and secretive unofficial channels to bypass the sanctions and acquire material for the manufacture of weapons and other industries. The document which is a 128 page “Operational Target Analysis” written by South African intelligence reveals the names, addresses, phone numbers and cover stories used by dozens of alleged Iranian operatives in South Africa. The detailed document even goes on to name gardeners and drivers at Irans embassy, and the well planned and organized network of individuals , businesses and cultural groups which it says are being used by the Iranian regime to pursue its interests and expand its influence.

Source: American Thinker
By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison
The Obama administration has obviously decided to go silent on human rights abuses in Iran in hopes of concentrating like a laser on arms control. It is true that it is urgently necessary to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. The last three administrations -- Clinton, Bush, and Obama -- have agreed on that if on little else.

The operating assumption for the U.S. negotiators with Iran is that if we make a big fuss about human rights abuses -- intensifying under President Hassan Rouhani -- it will impede our ability to strike a deal on nuclear weapons.