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US must reconsider approach to Iran

The Hill: The Obama administration in particular seems to be thoroughly committed to a soft approach to negotiations, and is far too willing to take the regime’s representatives at their word when they say that they will agree to a compromise. The Iranian government is not trustworthy on these issues.


Sending a bunker-buster message to Iran

Wall Street Journal: Prussian leader Frederick the Great once lamented, "The ways of negotiation have failed up to the present, and negotiations without arms make as little impression as notes without instruments." The same could be said about nuclear negotiations with Iran.


Iran’s other nuclear timebomb

National Post: Except for a few concerned neighbours in the Gulf, nobody is really looking at the possible implications of a potential earthquake in Bushehr, where Iran’s oldest and main nuclear plant is located.


Nuclear Iran: the sanctions delusion

American Thinker: Rather than economic sanctions, it was President Obama's surrender during the Syrian chemical weapons crisis that moved Iran to negotiate with a president who converted the United States from the world's only superpower into a paper tiger.   


We can’t ignore lingering crisis in Iran

Tennessean: In Iran, March 21 marks that nation’s new year. While I have little hope Iran will be experiencing the new beginning it desperately needs, I do have hope at least some of its former citizens will be more fortunate.