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Right to reject Abutelabi

The Hill: Much is being made inside the Beltway about the appointment of Hamid Abutalebi as Iran’s next ambassador to the United Nations. He is accused--by several of the former American hostages--of taking an active role in their abduction and brutal captivity.


Sheldon: Iran’s best friend

New York Times: It occurred to me the other day that the zealously pro-Israel billionaire and Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, actually have one big thing in common. They are both trying to destroy Israel.


Obama’s wishful thinking about Iran nuclear threat

Chicago Sun-Times: In the Netherlands last week, President Barack Obama confessed a fear: “I continue to be much more concerned, when it comes to our security, with the prospect of a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan.”


Lessons of history: Americans fear 'second Holocaust' if Iran gets the bomb

CNN: Such history is worth noting in today's showdown with Iran. Many in the West seem beguiled by the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani. But are they truly interested in peace, or buying time to build the Bomb?


Iran’s oppressed Christians

New York Times: In 2011 he narrowly escaped when Revolutionary Guards raided his underground Evangelical church. He watched as his friends disappeared into Iran’s prison system; Mori suspects they’ve been killed.