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London, 24 Apr - During last fiscal year, which ended on March 20th, the statistics of Energy Ministry’s annual report indicates that Iran has increased minimal power generation capacity by 3% to around 78.9 GW, denoting that the power generation — the actual capacity — is below 68.5 GW. This shows the debilitation and fatigue of the country’s aging power plants.

Iran has fulfilled only about half of last year’s power generation growth plan, especially for its renewable power projects. To avoid summertime’s power outages, when the electricity demand soars, Iran needs at least 5 percent growth annually.

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London, 21 Apr - Recently in the United States it became known that Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State-designate, met with the North Korean leader. The news broke as Democrat opposition to his nomination increased.

White House officials are calling on Democrats to put politics to one side and put national security first by confirming his appointment.

Pompeo first needs to get the vote from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which will be highly unlikely as several members have already announced their intentions to deny him their vote.

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London, 12 Apr - It is no secret that Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is receiving large amounts of financial and military support from Iran and so it seems more than obvious that the international community can kill two birds with one stone by applying sanctions on Iran.

This would not only punish Assad for repeatedly using chemical weapons on the Syrian people and Iran for its role, but it would also cut off the money that would fund another such attack.

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London, 19 Apr - The instant messaging app Telegram will soon be banned in Iran, with the highest-ranking members of the Iran announcing their intentions to abandon the platform and move to domestic apps instead.

They’ve even issued a directive to Iranian government workers and school to prevent their use of foreign messaging apps.

The mullahs have claimed that the banning of Telegram is necessary to “protect national security” and would have the side benefit of promoting homegrown apps, like Soroush and Gap.

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London, 09 Apr - Iranian farmers staged a protest at a major site in the capital city of Isfahan Province on Saturday, April 7, despite the suppressive security forces’ attempts to disperse them.

Videos posted on social media show the angry farmers chanting anti-government slogans near the historic Khaju Bridge, with chants targeting President Hassan Rouhani and the state-run media.

Some of these chants were: “Water of Zayandeh Rood is our absolute right”, “Farmers Moaning, Zayandeh Rood wailing” and “[Energy Minister] Ardakanian Yazdi! You’re water mafia!”

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London, 19 Apr - When it was announced that John Bolton would be taking up the position of national security adviser in the Trump administration, many claimed that this was increasing the likelihood of another US war in the Middle East.

However, the US is already caught up in several conflicts in the region and the threat to international security is real. Stability in Iraq is uncertain and the Taliban looks set to re-emerge in Afghanistan. The United States has a necessary presence in Syria where is it trying to minimise the damage caused by Bashar al Assad. US allies are facing a threat with the civil war in Yemen.

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London, 07 Apr - An open letter to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was sent by a group of 300 of Iran’s most conservative figures and Basij officials. It outlined their concerns about Iran’s internal conditions, and criticized the country’s policy regarding the nuclear deal and efforts toward regional dominance.

Although they have always supported the regime's supreme leader, they warned him about their worry for the future of the country, as seen in the the gap between the people and the authority, and stressed that the internal problems include all bodies of the authority.

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London, 18 Apr - The 19,000-hectare wetland in Bandar Anzali, Iran, was once designated as a Ramsar site for its natural beauty, extensive water flora, and important role in the lifecycle of water birds, in particular breeding.

The unique ecosystem was once a flourishing tourist attraction and preservation site, but after decades of mismanagement regarding waste disposal and other environmental matters, the spectacular wetland is facing grave threats that need immediate attention.

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London, 06 Apr - Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is the richest autocrat Iran has ever had and yet he preaches about how his starving citizens need to be less greedy. Political scientist Dr. Majid Rafizadeh believes it’s time to impose sanctions on the Khamenei himself.

Khamenei is worth at least $95 billion, making him likely the richest man in the world. Some reports even state that members of Khamenei’s family hold billions of dollars in foreign banks. Most of this money was gained after he became Supreme Leader in 1989, through a series of shadowy deals, no oversight, and, of course, some dipping into the public purse.

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London, 18 Apr - Kaveh Madani, a well-known Iranian scientist has allegedly resigned from his position as the deputy head of the Islamic Republic’s Department of Environment. It has been reported that he put in his resignation while he was out of the country.

Madani had previously been arrested and held in prison for charges relating to spying on other environmentalists.

Mahmoud Sadeghi, a reformist member of Iranian Parliament said on social media that according to a “reliable source”, Madani and his wife had left the county after her travel ban was lifted.

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London, 06 Apr - Rising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia in proxy conflicts across the Middle East are rekindling doubts over the success of the OPEC+ oil production deal and could lead to the collapse of the deal altogether in June.

Earlier this year, commodity analysts warned that high oil prices are even making some of the deal’s signatories nervous, including Iran. Last month, Iran’s Energy Minister Bijan Zanganeh said that Iran was concerned that if their oil was being sold for more than $70 US per barrel, that this would encourage increased oil production in other countries.

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London, 16 Apr - On Sunday 15th April, it was reported by state media in Iran that the ministry of education would be banning the use of foreign social media in schools. It is apparently part of an effort by the government to encourage the use of domestic social networks.

Clearly is it an attempt by the government to limit the influence from foreign social media applications in a country where the people are oppressed in many areas of life.

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London, 05 Apr - Officials in Iran are trying to ban the popular messaging application “Telegram”. It is a widely used chat application that has more than 20 million users in the country.

It was reported that the secretary of the Iranian High Council of Cyberspace (HCC) Hassan Firouzabadi has given his support for a full ban of the application. He said that the application’s recent Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has the potential to endanger the Iranian national currency.

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London, 16 Apr - Yet more protests from angry farmers have been held in Isfahan, central Iran, over the Iranian Government’s corruption and mismanagement that is exacerbating the drought crisis in the country.

Reports gathered from social media show that the protests began again on Friday and carried on through the weekend, with hundreds of farmers from the eastern parts of the province gathering in the provincial capital, chanting “America is not our enemy, our enemy is right here”.

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London, 04 Apr - Iran’s lobby in the US are doing everything they can to smear new national security advisor John Bolton, from calling him crazy to a warmonger to an extremist.

The National Iranian American Council and its president Trita Parsi are working particularly hard to discredit Bolton and stop the US from pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

However, the national security advisor doesn’t need Congress’s approval and will be taking over on April 9 whether Parsi and the Iran Lobby like it or not. Also Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state nominee, is reportedly set for confirmation.

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London, 14 Apr - The exact number of people detained during the widespread protests that began in Iran’s oil-rich southwestern Khuzestan province is still unknown after nearly two weeks.

No official figures regarding the dozens of people who were detained have been released, however, one unverified estimate puts the number as high as 400. Relatives of the detainees said judiciary officials have not responded to their inquiries about where their loved ones are being held, or the charges that they face.

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London, 30 Mar - There are some people who are greatly concerned about Donald Trump’s appointment of John Bolton as his new national security advisor, including the former top Obama officials who now run the National Security Action group.

The group is chaired by Ben Rhodes, a top Obama adviser who has now admitted to creating an “echo chamber” of lies, distortions and spin to promote the Iran nuclear deal, and Jake Sullivan, who likely would have served as national security adviser in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet.

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London, 13 Apr - Steven Mnuchin, the current US Secretary of the Treasury, said yesterday that the United States could seek to go ahead with further sanctions on Iran. He said that the sanctions may be “very strong”.

Testifying before a House appropriations subcommittee, Mnuchin said that sanctions against Iran would be both on Iran and on those that seek to carry out business deals with Iran. He said there would be both primary and secondary sanctions.

He also indicated that as well as the renewal of previous sanctions that have been waived as part of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, there could potentially be a new round of sanctions.

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London, 30 Mar - Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton has just been appointed as the new national security adviser (NSA). Since the announcement was made, Bolton has faced harsh criticism from some. It has been speculated that Bolton wants the United States to go to war with certain nations and he has been labelled a warmonger.

Some of this reaction has been because of Bolton’s support of the Iranian opposition. He has participated in events and conferences over the past few years where he has supported the Iranian Resistance in its quest for regime change.


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