Daily Telegraph: Iran warned yesterday that it 'will not forget' a decision by oil giant BP not to invest in the Middle Eastern republic because of US sanctions against companies investing in its energy industry. The state's anger was roused by fresh comments at the weekend from Lord Browne of Madingley, BP's chief executive, who said that "politically, Iran is not a flyer" because of the sanctions.

United Press International: Iran is planning to manufacture 80 airplanes to be used for both civilian and military purposes, officials said Monday. Jaafar Zadwar, deputy chief salesman
for the Iranian Institution for Aviation Industry, said a five-year plan calls for 12 "Iran-120" planes to be produced annually.

BBC: The United Nations refugee chief says thousands of Afghans may have been forced to return to Afghanistan because of Iran's policies. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has been increasingly concerned that Iranian officials are pressurizing Afghan refugees to go home. There have been radio campaigns informing them that they have to leave.

Financial Times: Britain will on Monday seek to narrow differences between Europe and the US over Iran's nuclear programme, with Jack Straw, foreign secretary, expected to urge Washington to take a positive approach to talks with the Islamic republic. Mr Straw is expected to meet Condoleezza Rice, incoming US secretary of state, for the first time since her appointment to replace Colin Powell. The British foreign secretary enjoyed a close relationship with Mr Powell and will be seeking to establish a similar rapport with his successor.

The Times: DICK CHENEY placed Iran at the top of Washington’s list of world troublespots and said that he feared that Israel may strike Tehran in order to eliminate its nuclear threat. “We don’t want a war in the Middle East if we can avoid it,” said Mr Cheney, who was yesterday sworn in for a second term as President Bush’s Vice-President.

Los Angeles Times: The criminal seems younger than his 25 years. He is the quiet type, shy and lanky, peering solemnly through octagonal glasses. He has no weapons, not in the traditional sense. His name is Hanif Mazroui, and the tools of his crime are a handful of ideas and skinny fingers flying over the keyboard. He is one of about 20 Iranian Web loggers and journalists who have been arrested and jailed in recent months.

Daily Telegraph: Now comes the hard part. President George W Bush's elegy to freedom yesterday and his vision of it flowering around the world fitted into the long tradition of inaugural speeches that blend America's optimism with smugness about the reach and benefits of its power. But unlike most of his predecessors Mr Bush has repeatedly made clear that he sees "spreading freedom" as more than a slogan. For him it is a mission. The challenge for his aides now is how - and where - to act on his words.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 23 – The 120,000 residents of the town of Aq-Qala in Golestan province (northern Iran) only have a single children's doctor, and are forced to travel to neighbouring cities to have their children seen to. "Patients who are not able to get treatment in this town must travel to neighbouring cities", an Aq-Qala resident said, in an interview with the state-run news agency.

Financial Times: The Bush administration's changing of the guard at the State Department was almost complete yesterday as Colin Powell bid an emotional farewell to his staff just as senators were wrapping up their grilling of Condoleezza Rice, the next secretary of state. Speaking of the foreign policy challenges ahead, Mr Powell said the focus was on ...

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 22 – Iran has nearly 16,000 unemployed doctors and general practitioners, according to the head of Iran's General Practitioners Association. "Nearly 16,000 graduated general practitioners are either unemployed or working in other professions throughout the country", Hossein Hoveida said in an interview with a hardline state-run news agency.

Reuters: Vice President Dick Cheney said on Thursday that Iran was at the top of the administration's list of world trouble spots and expressed concern that Israel "might well decide to act first" to eliminate any nuclear threat from Tehran. "You look around the world at potential trouble spots, Iran is right at the top of the list," Cheney said in an interview aired on MSNBC ...

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 21 - A member of Iran's Majlis (parliament) said today that at least 90 percent of the country's population is under the poverty line. "90 percent of the population are living under the poverty line and only ten percent of the people have access to social services provided by the government", Mohammad Abbaspour said in an interview ...

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 20 – There are currently "200,000 sufferers of the Hepatitis C virus in Iran", according to the head of the Iranian Medical Association. Speaking to a state-run news agency, Dr. Iraj Khosronia warned, "One of the most dangerous viruses affecting human society is Hepatitis C … but people's awareness about this disease is very limited".

AFP: Twenty-five people were killed in northern Iran on Friday when the bus they were riding in skidded off a mountain road into a ravine, student news agency ISNA reported. Another seven people were injured in the accident on the road between Tehran and Babolsar, which occurred when the driver swerved to avoid rocks falling from the mountainside.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 20 – Homes in the city of Mashad (northeast Iran) were raided over the past few days by State Security Forces for "illegal satellite dishes". The SSF Public Relations Office announced that two individuals were arrested, on charges of installing satellite dishes, during the raids. Some 45 satellite dishes and receivers were confiscated thus far.

Reuters: Secretary of State-designate Condoleezza Rice articulated a firm U.S. line against Iran's ruling mullahs, whose nuclear ambitions the Bush administration considers a major threat, in testimony at her Senate confirmation hearings. In two days of Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings that ended on Wednesday, Rice repeatedly emphasized differences with Tehran's clerical leaders, saying: "It's really hard to find common ground with a government that thinks Israel should be extinguished."

Reuters: Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says there is no alternative to Europe's approach of using diplomacy to try to persuade Iran to give up any technology that could be used make nuclear weapons. In an interview with the Financial Times, Straw defended the policy of Britain, France and Germany to talk to Iran rather adopt Washington's more hardline stance.


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