Knight Ridder Newspapers: As 150,000 U.S. troops battle to stabilize Iraq, some officials in the Bush administration are already planning to turn up the heat on another member of the president's axis of evil. Officials in the White House and the Defense Department are developing plans to increase public criticism of Iran's human rights record, offer stronger backing
to exiles and other opponents of Tehran's repressive ...

AFP: The United States said Tuesday it was backing Iraq's and Afghanistan's bids to join the World Trade Organization but said there was no consensus on Iran's effort to join. Baghdad and Kabul were expected to present their candidacies December 13 to join the multilateral organization, which must make a unanimous recommendation.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 3 - Heavy clashes erupted between Iran’s State Security Forces (SSF) and students from the University of Qazvin (western Iran), after SSF agents raided university buildings and attempted to bring to an end a hunger strike that had been organized in protest to poor university conditions.

The Washington Times: U.S. and Austrian law-enforcement authorities have disrupted a suspected plot to illegally supply the Iranian military with thousands of advanced military night-vision systems from the United States, arresting two Iranian nationals on charges of attempting to violate Austrian export laws.

BBC: Iranian students have interrupted a speech by
President Mohammad Khatami to mark Student Day at
Tehran university.
Students chanted "Shame on you" and "Where are your promised freedoms?" to express their frustration with the failure of Iran's reform movement.

Los Angeles Times: An Iranian opposition group asserted Thursday that the Islamic Republic was developing a new series of missiles with the capability to strike Western Europe, and seeking ways to arm them with chemical or nuclear warheads.

Reuters: Iran denied on Monday it had handed over to Egypt prominent militant Mustafa Hamza, leader of the Gama'a al-Islamiya group that tried to overthrow the Egyptian government in the 1990s. Hani el-Sibai, head of Egypt's Maqrizi Centre for Historical Studies, told Reuters on Sunday Tehran handed
over Hamza to Cairo in October in exchange for information about members of an Iranian exiled group living in Egypt.

Boston Globe: Iran is developing more advanced ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear weapons to targets as far as Berlin and is also shielding from international inspectors two military complexes believed to be part of its clandestine atomic bomb program, American intelligence officials, international diplomats, and an Iranian opposition group claimed yesterday.

Reuters: Students, once the backbone of Iran's reformist movement, have barracked and harangued President Mohammad Khatami, accusing him of lacking the courage to deliver promised democratic reforms in the Islamic state. "Khatami, what happened to your promised freedoms?", "Khatami, shame on you", "Students are wise, they detest Khatami" groups shouted as the moderate cleric attempted ...

USA TODAY: A top U.S. commander is warning Iran and others against thinking they can exploit the U.S. military because its ground troops are fighting two major missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. "Why the Iranians would want to move against us in an overt manner that would cause us to use our air or naval power against them would be beyond me," ...

AFP: Iran's embattled reformist President Mohammad Khatami was given a mixed reception from university students on Monday, winning some cheers but also a tirade of jeers for his record in office.
In an difficult appearence to mark national students day, the beleaguered president even complained to students -- once the
main supporters of the reform movement -- of being "humiliated
and destroyed".

AFP: Iran's embattled President Mohammad Khatami, isolated as one of the few reformists left in office, has admitted that he cannot wait until his second and final term in office ends next year. "I am counting the moments for my involvment in political affairs to be over," he was quoted as saying during a meeting Saturday with staff from the student news agency ISNA.

AFP: Canada hit straight back on Sunday after Iran warned its new ambassador to Tehran would get into "trouble" if he pursued the case of a murdered Iranian-Canadian photographer, which has already sparked a diplomatic crisis. The killing of Zahra Kazemi last year, after she was arrested in Iran, sent relations between Ottawa and Tehran into turmoil.


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