AFP: Canada's newly-appointed ambassador to Iran will get into "trouble" if he pursues the case of murdered Iranian-Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi, Iran's foreign ministry warned Sunday. "If anyone enters Iran on this mission they get themselves into trouble. This is a domestic issue of the
Islamic Republic of Iran," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Nov. 23 - At least 15,000 people have been killed in road accidents in the past six months, according to a senior official of Iran’s Ministry of Health. Ali Reza Moqisi, the head of the Accident Department of the Ministry stated yesterday that the death toll includes “people from all age groups”.

Washington Times: Zolal Habibi carried a book the size of a telephone directory with page after page of photographs of dissidents killed by the Iranian regime. Her father is in this book of the dead that she showed to reporters yesterday at The Washington Times, as she discussed plans for a massive protest in Washington tomorrow. "My father was killed when I was 7," said the 23-year-old Iranian American. "That was hard for me. I was daddy's little girl," she said. "I cried for days, then I promised myself I would never cry again. ... I didn't cry for years."

AFP: Iran's hardline judiciary has said it will uphold jail terms handed out to former pro-reform MPs who sat in the last parliament, press reports said Wednesday. The decision affects Mohsen Armin, Fatemeh Hagheghatjou, Mohsen Mirdamadi, Hossein Loghmanian and Mohammad Dadfar, all of whom are on the left of the embattled reform movement, local papers said.

AFP: Iranian authorities have barred relatives of a dissident couple murdered by intelligence agents in 1998 from marking the anniversary in public this year, the couple's daughter told AFP Sunday. Parastoo Foruhar, the daughter of Daryush Foruhar and his wife Parvaneh Eskandari, said "objections" to her plans for this year's ceremony "were so strong" that the office of the governor of Tehran withdrew a permit issued two days ago.

AFP: The European Union will not "cut across" US policy on Iran fresh from securing a deal to suspend the Islamic republic's nuclear uranium drive, a senior EU diplomat said Monday. The agreement between Iran and the EU's three biggest powers -- Britain, France and Germany -- is also only a first step towards a long-term accord on the nuclear issue, the diplomat said on condition of anonymity.

The Observer: Pentagon hawks have begun discussing military action against Iran to neutralise its nuclear weapons threat, including possible strikes on leadership, political and security targets. With a deadline of tomorrow for Iran to begin an agreed freeze on enriching uranium, which can be used to produce nuclear weapons, sources have disclosed that the latest Pentagon gaming model for 'neutralising' Iran's nuclear threat involves strikes in support of regime change.

AP: Iran Interior ministers from Iraq's neighbors and Egypt will meet later this month in Iran to discuss the security threat posed by militants. Iran's official news agency says the ministers and security officials will share intelligence on militants and other people suspected of being linked to the insurgency in Iraq.

AFP: The United States has no intention to change Iran's regime and it has no plans to invade the nation neighboring Iraq, where 140,000 US troops are stationed, US Secretary of State Colin Powell said in an interview to be broadcast Sunday. "We are not getting ready to invade Iran," Powell told CNBC television's "The Wall Street Journal Report" when asked if having 140,000 troops in Iraq makes it easier to deal with Iran.

Washington Post: The crowd around her chanted for democracy in Iran yesterday, and Zolal Habibi thought of her father. She said Mohammad Hossein Habibi, a writer and human rights activist, was killed in 1988 in Iran for speaking out against the Iranian government.

AP: The main opposition to Iran's government should not be labeled a terrorist organization, Iranian protesters said Friday. At a rally in the Capitol, thousands of Iranians gathered to call on world governments to denounce the terrorist label that has been applied to the People's Mujahedeen, or Mujahedeen Khalq.

Iran Focus:
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Civil servants go on strike in southern Iranian town
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Students facing court sentence
Man sentenced to execution for killing mayor

AFP: An Iranian operating a news website from the central clerical city of Qom has received a 15-month suspended jail term amid a jusicial crackdown on Internet writing, the state news agency IRNA reported Thursday. An appeals court in Qom handed Hamed Motaghi the sentence for publishing "false information" and "disturbing public order" with his Naghshineh website, which was also closed down.

AFP: Iran has blocked four local photographers from exhibiting some of their work in Paris after certain pictures were deemed to be "against Islamic values and mocking the image of Iranian women." Sources close to the dispute said Tehran's state-run Museum of Contemporary Art had been due to support the photographers by paying for the packing and shipping ...


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