AFP: Leading state-run refiner Indian Oil Corp (IOC) said Wednesday it has signed an agreement to put forward a joint proposal to develop a gasfield in Iran, a project estimated to cost three billion dollars. The memorandum of understanding was signed Monday with Petropars, a unit of the National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC), said an IOC spokesman. The two firms will draw up a joint proposal for exploiting the gasfield and setting up liquefied natural gas liquefaction facilities.

Iran Focus:
Iraqi Defence Minster: Proof of Iran's meddling shatters reinforced concrete
2 young men to be executed
Woman, 74, two sisters commit suicide
Iraq tightening border security with Iran
Ironmongers protest government takeover of shops
New security apparatus set up in Qom
Unemployment on the rise in Khorassan province

Xinhuanet: The World Bank approved a 220-million-dollar loan Thursday to the Government of Iran for a project to help restore the living conditions of communities in the southeastern city of Bam which was struck by a powerful earthquake nearly a year ago. The four-year project, the Bam Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project, was prepared in response to the Government of Iran's request to support its reconstruction efforts after the December 28, 2003 earthquake, the World Bank said in a press release.

Xinhuanet: Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said Tuesday that Iran was to upgrade its deterrent defense capability to ward off foreign threats, the official IRNA news agency reported. Shamkhani made the comments in a message on the sixth anniversary of the founding of Iran's Organization of Aerospace Industries due on Wednesday.

Iran Focus:
Iranians arrested in Basra, Kirkuk
Prison riot leaves 3 dead, many wounded
Young Afghan man sentenced to execution
Over 150 protests nationwide over past month
New suppressive forces in Babol during Ramadan
3,000 workers laid off
Accidents at work leave 12 dead from burns this week

Iran Focus:
Drug addiction an ever-growing problem
Clampdown in Shiraz enters second week
Oil exported to Iraq on black-market
Students complain over lack of books
New ‘national costume’ on display
Aeronautics students demonstrate for rights
Flogging in public

Iran Focus:
Iran in top-ten press violators
4 million widows in Iran
Children in Prison
Iranians among detained attackers
Dehloran youth protest unemployment

BBC: Thirteen-year-old Sudabeh and her sisters sit glued to the television watching a Hindi pop star tossing her long silken hair around in time to the gyrating music.
It's the middle of the day and their Iranian friends are at school but as Afghan refugees they have to pay for education this year for the first time.
That meant only one child in the family could go to school and predictably Sudabeh's brother Khusrow was chosen.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 26 – The Iranian regime’s Social Development Organisation announced that in the past six weeks prices have gone up from 40 to 300 percent for a large number of commonly required medicines.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 30 - The head of the Iranian Nurses Union accused the Iranian regime of failing to see to the demands and needs of Iran’s nurses and threatened nationwide strikes and protests. Mohammad Sharafi Moghadam said that the administration directorate for the country’s nurses is “run by a corrupt mafia”, and cannot manage and coordinate in an acceptable manner.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 26 – Thousands of young people began a spontaneous anti-government demonstration after a football match on Saturday, clashing with agents of the
security forces, eye-witnesses reported. Clashes began at the end of match between Esteghlal and Persepolis teams in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium.

Iran Focus:
Clashes in bazaar
Main oil pipeline on fire
Gunfight in governor’s office
University staff protest
Water protest

AFP: Iran and China have signed a preliminary accord under which China would buy 10 million tonnes a year of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for 25 years in a deal worth 100 billion dollars, the student news agency ISNA said Friday. ISNA quoted Deputy Oil Minister Hadi Nejad-Hosseinian as saying the deal could eventually reach 15 to 20 million tonnes a year, taking the total value to as much as 200 billion dollars.

Iran Focus:
60 hospitals under construction being abandoned
200 students in Khorassan suffering from AIDS
Students detained in Mashad
300 Satellite dishes rounded up in Isfahan
Man sentenced to execution
Mashad’s 1,000 blind in desperate state

AP: They are the shock troops of Iran's Islamic Revolution, the men who helped seize the U.S. embassy a generation ago
and bore the brunt of their country's eight-year war with Iraq.
The vast and well-funded Revolutionary Guards are still the most potent force available to the regime.


Iran: UN Special Rapporteur Speaks on Dismal Human Rights Situation in Iran

Iran: Thousands of People Held Protest Rally in Front of Iran's Parliament

Iran: Widespread Protests of Thousands of the People, Plundered by the State Affiliated Financial

Tehran: Widespread Protests of Thousands of the People, Plundered by the State Affiliated Financial

Clashes Erupts in Western City Over killing of Porters by Iran’s Security Forces

Vienna: Iranians Rally in Support of Comprehensive Sanctions against Tehran

Iran: Guidance Patrol harasses women in public places

Iran 22 August 2017: Hundreds of retirees protest outside regime's parliament

Iran, Khuzestan Province: People Clashed With Security Forces

People Chanting Against Iran Regime During the Football Match

Iran: Murder Scene of a Poor Street Peddler by Municipality Agents

Suicide increasing in northern Iran due to crackdown and poverty

Two prisoners were hanged in Sarpol-e Zahab (western Iran)

Iran: Execution of four young men in public in Qeshm- 23 November

The untold story of the 1988 Massacre in Iran

Reyhaneh Jabbari's will Her voice recording from inside prison

Public execution in Kazerun, Iran - August 11, 2016