BBC: French carmaker Renault has unveiled plans to build its new budget car, the Dacia Logan, in Iran. The car is designed to help Renault boost its sales in emerging markets.
The Logan will be built in Iran by Renault Pars, a joint venture with Iran's Industrial Development and Renovation Organisation (IDRO).

Los Angeles Times: Two of four Iranian brothers jailed three years ago because of their alleged ties to a terrorist group may be released on bail while they pursue appeals in their asylum cases, an appellate court has ordered.
The other two brothers, however, must remain locked up because they failed to appeal the government's refusal to grant them asylum, the court said.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 1 - The head of State Security Forces (SSF) in the southwestern Iranian province of Ilam announced that the Iranian regime’s agents have confiscated more than 900 satellite dishes in the past 6 months.
Amir Darabi said his agents had been waging a vigorous crackdown on homes that had installed satellite dishes.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 1 – Plain-clothed agents of the State Security Forces (SSF) in Shahre Kord (central Iran) arrested over 100 motorcyclists on Sep. 28, eye-witnesses said. All the motorcycles were confiscated and taken to the local SSF headquarters’ parking lot.

BBC: A number of jazz and classical music concerts in Iran have been cancelled by the authorities because of their "corrupting" influence, diplomats say. The concerts had been arranged by foreign embassies in Tehran.
Two jazz performances organised by the Italian mission were called off last week only hours before they were due to start.

Boston Globe: Iran's foreign minister said yesterday his country's relations with the United States are about the worst ever, but he believes the upcoming US presidential election could open avenues for renewed dialogue, even if President Bush is reelected.

Reuters: Iranian authorities have cancelled several musical concerts organised by European embassies after religious hardliners warned the Islamic state against the "corrupting" influence of Western culture.
Analysts said the concert cancellations reflected a new political climate in Iran where religious hardliners now firmly have the upper hand over the pro-reform allies of moderate President Mohammad Khatami.

AFP: One of Iran's most outspoken reformists, Vice President Mohammad Ali Abtahi, announced he had submitted his resignation from the increasingly isolated pro-reform government.
"It is up to the president to approve this decision," Abtahi told the student news agency ISNA on Monday ...

Iran Focus: Bandar Abbas, Sep. 28 - Widespread clashes have erupted between people and security forces in Nour-Abad region of Mamasani, Bandar Abbas and Miandoab
At least seven people have been killed and hundreds more were reportedly wounded and a vast number of people have been detained.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Oct. 4 - The executive director of the ‘Khaneyeh Karegar’ (House of Workers) in an interview with
the Iranian state-run wire service admitted that hundreds of thousands of workers are presently unemployed.
Ali Tarshavand accused senior officials of the Iranian government’s ‘inner circle’ of being at the centre of enormous corruption.

United Press International: Maj. Gen. Rahim Safawi, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said Monday his country is ready to confront U.S. pressure, including military.
In an interview with the London-based Saudi daily al-Hayat, monitored in Beirut, Safawi said although the United States is deeply involved in Iraq, it is expected to increase its political and diplomatic pressure on Iran in the next two months.

VOA News: Iran's conservative-dominated parliament has impeached the country's transport minister, accusing him of corruption and mismanagement.
Ahmad Khorram was stripped of his post in President Mohammed Khatami's reformist government Sunday by a
vote of 188 to 58.

AFP: Twenty people were killed and 21 others injured when a bus packed with Iraqi nationals on a pilgrimage to Iran collided with a truck in the northeast of the Islamic republic, press reports said on Sunday. According to the Iran newspaper, all or most of the dead and injured were Iraqis.

AFP: A German businessman under investigation for illegally exporting nuclear technology had planned to sell the material
to Iran, Der Spiegel magazine reported in its issue out on Monday.
On Thursday the German federal prosecutor’s office arrested 53-year-old Helmut R., in Friedrichshafen in southwest Germany, on suspicion of involvement in the delivery of 24 long-distance detonators, a device indispensable to the development of nuclear arms.


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