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London, 18 May - The Iranian Regime is preparing to enforce repressive measures against any citizens who protest this Friday’s presidential elections.

Some reports indicate that security service personnel have been doubled in the past few weeks, as the Regime fear a protest on the scale on the 2009 Green Revolution, when the election result was said to be faked.

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London, 15 May - Iran and Russia are both heavily invested in propping up the Assad Regime, their two countries could not be more different in their visions for the Middle East after the civil war has ended.

Baria Alamuddin, a senior middle-east correspondent, wrote an op-ed on the strange alliance between Iran and Russia for Arab News in which she asked how long their alliance could last.

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London, 17 May - Some political commentators in the US have been floating the idea that it would be better for the West if Iran ‘elects’ a so-called hard-line candidate in this Friday’s election because Western Governments could no longer deceive themselves about Iran’s true nature.

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London, 13 May - Mohammad Mohaddessin, the Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), responded to a series of questions in an interview with ncr-iran.org. The questions relate to the Iranian regime’s controversial upcoming presidential election on May 19. The following is the first part of this interview:

What are the choices before the Iranian people and what do they expect?

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London, 17 May - Right now, we are in the final days before the Iranian elections and as such, there has been quite a lot of debate over the future President in Western media. The analysts and journalists have asked what this will mean for Iran and the world as a whole; far too many have peddled the false narrative of moderates and hardliners, while far too few have gone so far as to say that it doesn’t matter who the President is because the Regime will not allow change.

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London, 13 May - The first Dean of Tehran University after the revolution, Dr. Mohammad Maleki, called the Iranian regime's election on May 19 a “puppet show".

He says that the performance put on for the people, by the reformists and the conservatives are only a means to deceive. In an interview with an online television show on May 9th, Dr. Maleki, said, “What is happening in Iran, it is essentially a puppet show? It is a show, because according to them, among 1600 registered candidates, only five were chosen, who also regularly worked for the system and then they are asking people to vote for six. I think this is simply not an election.”

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London, 17 May - The upcoming Iranian election may look similar to what you’d expect in a democracy, with its televised debates, catchy campaign slogans, and endorsements from former leaders, but an NGO has warned that this is all an act.

Dennis B. Ross, co-founder of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) and special assistant to President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2011, and Jason M. Brodsky, the policy director of UANI, wrote and op-ed for Time in which they make clear that this election will change nothing for the Iranian people or the world.

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London, 11 May - A referendum was held in the UK to decide whether to stay or to exit from the European Union. The outcome divided the British society, but the British government and EU member-states accepted the result, which shows respect for democracy.

The British Prime Minister has decided to hold an early election for the British people to choose their representatives, and all the parties will take part.

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London, 16 May - In April, US computer security experts had to combat a threat from a gang of hackers, believed to be Iranian, who were trying to hack into the network of a military contractor.

Had the hackers been successful, it could have been a major problem for US national security, but luckily, the defenders managed to block them at every turn.

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London, 11 May - As they look back on the violence that followed Iran’s disputed 2009 election, authorities are fearful of a repetition, and want to avoid the ferocity of the peoples’ dissent.

According to the state-run IRNA news agency, on Wednesday, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned, “Those who ignore the country’s security will definitely be slapped in the face.”

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London, 16 May - The Iranian Regime’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has a long history of corruption, whether it's plundering the public purse or taking control of government jobs, but the Iranian election has shed more light on the scope of their corruption.

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London, 10 May - The Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has recently rebuked the security forces, the Shiite clergy forces, and his rivals ahead of the presidential elections next week.

He called them “extremists” and criticised the arrest of reformist leaders, which is strange because he has overseen the arrest, torture, and executions of hundreds of political protesters over his four-year presidency.

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London, 16 May - The Head of the Iranian Regime’s Judiciary has become the latest Regime member to attack incumbent President Hassan Rouhani for his comments about other candidates standing in Friday’s ‘election’.

In a speech on Monday, May 15, Sadegh Larijani said: “Unfortunately some of the candidates acted in such a way as if they were [the Regime’s] opposition, blackwashing and questioning [the] state’s legal entities, a measure that is definitely against [the] Regime’s interests.”

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London, 9 May - The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, inadvertently admitted that the Iranian Regime knew about the attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate in Mashhad before they happened, in a speech on May 4, 2017 (known as Teacher’s Day in Iran).

Zarif, who was giving a speech on the Iranian RRegime’s foreign policy and its current status with regard to international relations at the Faculty of International Relations, called these attacks “badly managed”.

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London, 16 May - This Friday, the Iranian Regime will hold its Presidential election but the outcome, much like the vote itself, will not mean much for the Iranian people.

These ‘elections’ could never be considered democratic because they are not free and fair. The Regime chooses the candidates, as opposed to the public who should, and opposition candidates are not allowed to run.

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London, 9 May - The Iranian Elections will bring no change for the people of Iran and no change to their support for terrorism but it could be the beginning of the end for the Regime, especially if the US Senate passes more sanctions against the brutal mullahs.

The election, set to be held on May 19th, was a major topic of discussion for Regime critics in Paris this week.

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London, 15 May -  Iranian youth have found ways to circumvent the social media restrictions within their country in order to express their discontent with the Iranian elections to the world, using the slogans “Iranian people’s vote is [for the] overthrow of the regime”, “My vote is regime change”, and “death to the principle of velayat-e faqih” .

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London, 8 May - Following last Wednesday’s deadly mine explosion in Golestan Province, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani finally saw fit to visit the city, on Sunday, during his re-election campaign tour.

However, Rouhani was met by protesters who were angry that safety concerns had not been addressed prior to the explosion which killed dozens of miners and angry that Rouhani had not appeared beforehand.

The miners, who were still covered in coal soot after searching for their still-missing colleagues, began to assault the armoured SUV as it passed through. The car, which was undamaged, did not stop, proceeding to drive through the crowd and sped away down a hill.


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