Iran Focus

London, 23 Sep - On Thursday, the UN welcomed Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to speak before the General Assembly. In her September 23 article for the Toronto Sun, Candice Malcolm quotes former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, as she writes that, the UN is a platform where “democratic leaders sit side by side with despots and dictators.”

Iran’s President Rouhani presents himself to democratic leaders not as a despot, but as a “moderate”, persuading the United States, and other countries to make the Nuclear Deal with him in 2015. Billions of dollars flooded into Iran, who used it to bankroll the Assad regime in Syria.

Iran Focus

London, 23 Sep - In his article in Newsweek today, September 23, Giulio Maria Terzi, former foreign minister of Italy, writes about Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s attendance at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, just a little over a year after the Nuclear Deal he made with the United States, and other countries.

The big question, according to Terzi, is whether or not the Obama administration and its political allies will address the human rights abuses by the Iranian government that were ignored pending the outcome of nuclear negotiations.


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