Iran Focus

Tehran, 21 Jun - Sholeh Pakravan, the mother of Reyhaneh Jabbari, has written a letter of support to Mr. Azimzadeh, the political prisoner who has been on hunger strike for the past 51 days.

Ms. Pakravan has been outspoken about the human rights abuses in Iran since her daughter was executed in 2014 for killing an Intelligence Ministry Agent in self-defence after he attempted to rape her.

Iran Focus

Tehran, 18 Jun - The inmates in Iran’s Gohardasht Prison, north-west of Tehran in a collective action on Tuesday refused to go to the prison’s clinic despite their physical problems and the need to see a doctor. Their boycott of the infirmary was in protest to the insult by the prison officials who conditioned their going to clinic on wearing slippers.

London, 18 Jun - British Parliamentarian Mark Williams has written his take on the human rights situation in Iran during the time of President Hassan Rouhani. His commentary was published on Friday on The Hill's Congress Blog:

There is never much time that goes by between vivid reminders of the human rights record of the Islamic Republic of Iran, or the radical, theocratic ideology that justifies those abuses. Under the system of clerical leadership, virtually anything can be criminalised if it is deemed to be out of step with the regime’s perspective on what it means to be authentically Muslim or Iranian.