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Strasbourg - 8 October 2015 - For Immediate Release

More than 100 Euro MPs Urge President of European Parliament to Call for Ending Executions in Iran, during his visit to Tehran

On the occasion of the European Day Against Death Penalty, the Friends of a Free Iran in the European Parliament (FOFI) which consists of Euro MPs from different political groups held a meeting in Strasbourg. They strongly condemned the mass executions in Iran under the “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani with over 2000 death sentences carried out since he took office two years ago. They noted that Rouhani himself has defended these executions and has stated clearly on Iranian TV that death sentences “are the law of God” and must be implemented.

Atena Faraghdani

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London, 3 Oct - The international human rights group Amnesty International on Friday condemned "absurd" new charges against Atena Farghadani, a satirical cartoonist, who is currently serving a prison sentence in Iran.

"The trial of satirical cartoonist Atena Farghadani and her lawyer on a charge of 'illegitimate sexual relations falling short of adultery' after they shook hands is not only absurd and extreme but clearly politically motivated", said Amnesty International ahead of her court session starting on Saturday in Tehran.

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Tehran, 22 Sep - Shahin Jafari, a 19-year old shot-put silver medalist from Iran in the Asia Games held in China, has been seen in Tehran as a street vendor trying to make a living.

Jafari, who also set a new record in Iran in 2012, says he lives in poverty and has received no reward or support for his achievements. In fact, after the Asia Games when he hurt his ankle the track and field federation wasn’t even willing to send a letter so he would be able to receive free medical care.