On Thursday, the United Nations special rapporteur on Iran, Dr. Ahmed Shaeed, revealed that no less than 753 people were executed in Iran last year, which is the highest number since 2002. This news is especially concerning as it points towards the reality of Iran under Rouhani’ presidency, who some still consider a moderate in Western countries while the evidence proves otherwise.

As Iran engages in negotiations with P5+1 countries over its controversial nuclear program, it continues to commit human rights violations with impunity at home.

Two Iranian Kurdish political prisoners were executed in the central prison in the city of Orumiyeh at the dawn on Thursday.

The world has once again; found a reason to look at Iran in contempt, where it has become the center of another incident, one that highlights its oppression and extremism.

Saman Naseem is due to executed on February 19, after being arrested on July 17, 2011, after a gun battle between Revolutionary Guards and an armed opposition group. After his arrest he was held in a Ministry of Intelligence detention center, without any access to his family or a lawyer. Amnesty International here, is appealing to halt the execution of this 17 year old, who was tortured for 97 days in a bid to force a confession for being part of an opposition group, one that was resisting the Iranian regime.