Paris, July 23, 2015 (AFP) - More than 200 teachers were arrested on Wednesday during a protest outside the parliament in Tehran, an activist group said. The teachers were demanding the release of their colleagues from jail.

Authorities launched a crackdown after over 2,000 teachers from across Iran gathered outside parliament carrying placards and chanting “Free those arrested,” the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) said.

Professor Raymond Tanter of the University of Michigan warns today in an article publish by The Hill that, “A bad nuclear deal with Iran would jeopardize world peace.”

While Tanter agrees that people would rather that President Obama can manage to talk sense into Iranian regime’s ears to halt their nuclear program, he expresses no hope as the Iranian regime has shown no intention to “forgo its nuclear weapons program.”

A young man who has lost his father to the actions of the clerical Iranian regime calls upon people all across the globe to unite against “flagrant human rights violations” taking place as we speak in Iran, particularly against the increasing executions that are taking place during Hassan Rouhani’s tenure.

In the 1.5 minute long video that was published he presents the shocking figures of some 1600 executions in less than two years in Iran that includes almost 115 hangings in just two weeks. According to his information every seven hours one person is executed in Iran and according to the UN the actual figures are much higher as many of the hangings are not made public and are carried out in secret.