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Tehran, 24 May - The health of an Iranian political prisoner on indefinite hunger strike is in grave danger.

Jafar Azimzadeh, imprisoned at the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, is on Day 26 of his hunger strike protesting Tehran’s crackdown on union activity.

On Saturday, he was taken to hospital complaining of kidney pain but refused to have liquid serum administered and was transferred back to the prison, still in pain.

Iran Focus

London, 20 May - Fears have risen over the health of an Iranian political prisoner who has been on an indefinite hunger strike since April.

Mr Jafar Azimzadeh, a workers' rights activist, went on hunger strike at Tehran's notorious Evin Prison on 30 April, protesting his imprisonment and demanding a fair trial.

During his last visit from his wife, Mr Azimzadeh had to be transported via car as he was too weak to walk.

Iran Focus

London, 19 May - Afshin Baymani, the Iranian political prisoner whose deteriorating health we reported on earlier this week, has written an open letter about his suffering at the hands of the mullahs’ regime.

The letter entitled 'bring my noose', tells of the torture he has experienced within the prison. The brutal treatment of Mr Baymani by Iranian prison guards and the Iranian justice system over the course of 16 years has led him to wish for his death.