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London, 27 Sep - Express has reported that three members of the Christian faith are faced with public flogging after taking Holy Communion wine.

The three victims Yasser Mossayebzadeh, Mohammad Reza Omidi and Saheb Fadaie have been charged with allegations against the country’s national security. Although they were arrested back in May, a trial will decide only next week whether they will be publicly flogged.

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London, 22 Sep - It is no secret that Iran uses medieval torture techniques on their prisoners but a recent report by a Baluch prisoner has detailed the horrific practices used on him.

Ajab Gol Nour Zehi, who is imprisoned in Iranshahr Prison in Sistan & Baluchistan province, wrote: “They ruthlessly subjected me to beating with cables on the head and face and back such that after nearly one and half years the signs of the flogging with cables can be seen on my body.”

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London, 22 Sep - A committee dedicated to seeking justice for the victims of the 1988 Iranian massacre has been formed at the meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The committee, called "Justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre in Iran", will trigger an inquiry into the massacre and investigate those involved.


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