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Kazemi was tortured, Iranian doctor says

CBC News: Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi showed signs of being savagely beaten when she was brought to a Tehran hospital in 2003, said an emergency room doctor on duty at the time. Shahram Azam, a former staff physician in Iran's defence ministry, said he examined Kazemi, 54, early on June 27, 2003, according to reports published in the Globe and Mail and Montreal's La Presse.


In Iran, a time for courage

Denver Post: This is a time to celebrate the acts of courage. This is a time to reflect on progress we've made. This is a time to call for change. This is a time to salute the women around the world who have strived for freedom and equality. Iranian women have faced the darkest period of their history in the last three decades and wish to prevent the same thing happening to the women of Iraq.


Woman racer upsets testosterone-driven Iran

AFP: When behind the wheel, Iranian women have to put up with all sorts of verbal abuse from the testosterone-charged types that dominate the Islamic republic's highways -- such as being told to tend to a washing machine rather than a car. But Iran's women drivers, most of whom are clearly ill at ease navigating the anarchic road network, now have a national idol: a young woman nicknamed "Little Schumacher".


1,000 women demonstrate in Iran capital

Iran Focus: Tehran, Mar. 09 - On the event of International Women's Day, 1,000 women staged a demonstration at
central Tehran’s Laleh Park yesterday afternoon.
Clashes erupted between the protesters and State Security Forces (SSF) as local residents reported tight security in the vicinity of the park since daybreak.


Girls in Iran being sold in Pakistan on daily basis

Iran Focus: Tehran, Mar. 02 – At least 54 Iranian girls and young women, between the ages of 16 and 25, are sold on the streets of Karachi in Pakistan on a daily basis, according to report outlining the latest statistics. The report also revealed that there are at present at least 300,000 runaway girls in Iran, adding that the estimated number of women under the absolute poverty line was more than eight million.