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UN envoy warns of 'divisive' Iraq election campaign

AFP: Campaigning for Iraq's April 30 elections will be "highly divisive" as parties appeal to their sectarian bases at a time of worsening violence, the UN's envoy to Baghdad has warned.


Supporters of a free Iran demand U.S. honor promises

InsideEmbassyRow: American supporters of a free Iran are demanding that President Obama honor U.S. promises to provide political refuge to Iranian dissidents crowded into a relocation camp in Iraq where they face daily threats against their lives.


Exiled Iranians urge to lift Iraq camp ‘blockade’

Middle East Online: An exiled Iranian opposition group on Friday urged the international community to help lift the "blockade" of a refugee camp near Baghdad and called for an investigation into killings at a second camp.


Iraqi government continues to deny food to Camp Liberty residents

Iran Liberty: The Iraqi government continues the inhuman siege on Camp Liberty, near Baghdad. It is now seven days that agents of the Iraqi Prime Ministry Office are preventing food supply purchased by the residents from entering the camp.


Iraq close to ungovernable

ABC: In Baghdad roadside bombings are commonplace government troops are battling tribal fighters in the west there is even growing strife over oil revenues in the usually peaceful Kurdish-controlled north.