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London, 26 Jul - The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday placing new sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Russia. This follows a similar version adopted overwhelmingly by the Senate in a 98-2 vote last month.

The House resolution, however, faced a more peculiar road even riddled with obstacles, according to an opinion piece published on the Forbes website on July 26. Fortunately, the overwhelming 419 to three vote in favor of this bill, the bipartisan Countering Adversarial Nations Through Sanctions Act (H.R.3364) has made it veto proof, wrote political and human rights activist Heshmat Alavi.

Iran Focus

London, 26 Jul - A propaganda campaign is being run by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) to highjack the victory in Mosul and the broader war against the Islamic State as their own, in an attempt to play down the impact of the U.S. military support, which has been critical in the campaign.

The IRGC coordinated directly or indirectly with the U.S. during the war, but Iran continues to reject the presence of the U.S. in the Middle East.

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London, 21 Jul - Saudi Media reported on Wednesday, July 19, 2017,"The Special Court for Terrorism and National Security has tried two Iranians in Riyadh on charges of espionage for the Iran regime.

According to the indictment issued against the defendants, the two convicts exchanged information with Iran about the 1200-kilometer oil pipeline between the Abqaiq City (on the Persian Gulf Coast) and Yanbu (on the Red Sea Coast). According to the figures, 5 million oil barrels are transferred through this pipeline daily.

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London, 21 Jul - According to Iran’s state run television, Mohammad Ali Jafari responded to the new U.S. sanctions over Iran's ballistic missile program by warning, "If the United States wants to pursue sanctions against Iran's defenses and the Guards, then it has to move its regional bases to a distance of about 1,000 km (620 miles) around Iran.” He said additionally, that the U.S. should also "be aware that it would pay a high price for any miscalculations.”

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London, 20 Jul - In a new report on Wednesday, the Trump administration said that Iran continues to be the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. The report also noted that between 2015 and 2016 the number of terrorist attacks has declined, globally.

The State Department’s annual “Country Reports on Terrorism” said that Iran was firm in its backing of anti-Israel groups as well as proxies that have destabilized conflicts in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Additionally, Iran continues to recruit in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Shiite militia members to fight in Syria and Iraq, and Iranian support for Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement remains unchanged.


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