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London, 8 Dec - The Basij Mostazafan performs the same role in modern-day Iran as the Brown Shirts (Storm Battalions) did in Nazi Germany, at least according to an expert in middle eastern politics.

Tony Duheaume wrote on Al Arabiya that the paramilitary Basij forces are brainwashed to obey even the most fervent ideologies of the Fuhrer…sorry Supreme Leader, including that it is their religious duty to protect the Iranian Regime at all costs; as a result, they violently attack ‘enemies of the state’, mostly peaceful protesters and improperly veiled women.

Iran Focus

London, 7 Dec - British Prime Minister Theresa May is to accuse the Iranian regime of "aggressive regional actions" in the Middle East, including stirring trouble in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, The Independent report on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister will say she is "clear-eyed" about the threat posed by the regime and will pledge to work with Gulf States to counteract its influence.

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London, 4 Dec - On Saturday December 3, Saudi Arabia’s al-Madineh newspaper wrote: “Dr. Mohammad Saeed al-Saedi, Yemen’s minister of planning and international cooperation, with a fierce attack on Iranian regime said the regime has been planning to establish a military base in Yemen since Khomeini’s era. Currently, the regime in Iran is planning to completely dominate the region and is trying to invade the region by exporting something called (the so-called) Islamic Revolution.

Iran Focus

London, 2 Dec - They are the most vicious part of the Iranian terror squad; attacking peaceful protesters in the streets and shooting the protest leaders on sight.

The Basij - Basij Mostazafan is part of the terrorist Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) who are fiercely loyal to the mullahs’ Regime and will do anything to keep them in control.


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