Iran Focus

London, 16 Aug - Iranian Mullahs chanting “Death to America” recently voted to increase its budget for funding terrorism and its ballistic missiles programme by a total of $609 million.

This staggering increase in military funding will reportedly be divided equally between the Iranian Regime’s militant Quds Forces, which is at the centre of virtually all of Iran’s proxy wars in the Middle East, and the ballistic missile programme, which is one of their major disputes with the US right now.

Iran Focus

London, 15 Aug - The Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has confirmed that his country will work with Kuwait to resolve the issue of the Al Abdali terror cell, which has links to the Iranian Regime and the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah.

Back in June, the Cassation Court confirmed the involvement of Hezbollah in Al Abdali plots to destroy the basic infrastructure of Kuwait.

It found that Hezbollah provided intelligence, funds, weapons, and training to the terror group, as well as helping to facilitate meetings.

Iran Focus

London, 14 Aug - The Iranian Regime has recently voted to boost its military power by over $500 million in response to US sanctions on Iran.

The bill, which was voted for by mullahs chanting “Death to America”, overwhelmingly passed the first vote in the Regime’s Parliament, with 240 voting in favour of the increase and just four voting against.

It must pass a second vote in the Parliament before it can be submitted for final approval.

Iran Focus

London, 11 Aug - Tensions are growing between Iran and Tajikistan following a Tajik state-TV broadcast which accused Iranian Regime officials of carrying out political assassinations across its country in the 1990s.

On August 8, in a primetime documentary, the Tajik Interior Ministry accused Iran of instigating the 1992-97 Tajikistan civil war, providing support to the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), which made up part of the Tajik parliament after 1997 but was banned in 2015 and branded a terrorist group, and training IRPT militants on Iranian soil.

Iran Focus

London, 10 Aug - Hassan Rouhani’s second presidential term began this week. Rouhani described his plans to have high level relationships with world in his inauguration speech. Rouhani claims that he is pursuing a detente policy with US and Arab countries.

However, following this speech, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called for standing against America. In Iran, it is the Supreme Leader who makes all final decisions.


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