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London, 28 October - A senior advisor to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has recommended going to war with Iran in order to aid Saudi Arabia interests in Yemen.

Michael Morell, a former acting director of the CIA, is currently acting as a national security adviser to Hillary Clinton and widely expected to be offered a senior position in her administration if she gets elected.

Iran Focus

London, 27 October - Iran has yet again tried to defend its actions in Syria, where it props up the Bashar al-Assad Regime and helps to slaughter the Syrian Resistance forces.

At a ceremony to commemorate the members of Iranian military force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), who have died in the Syrian Civil War, Mohmmad Ali Jaafari, head of the IRGC described the murder of innocent civilians as “defending the sanctity of the leader and revolution”.

Iran Focus

London, 26 October - The expansionist goals of the Iranian Regime are not a sign of strength but of weakness and need to be dealt with, according to a Saudi columnist.

Dr. Mohammad al-Sulami, an expert on Iranian political affairs and the head of the Iranian-Arabic Studies, wrote an article in Alwatan Saudi Newspaper, accusing the mullahs of stealing the 1978 revolution from the Iranian people.

Iran Focus

London, 25 October - On Monday, Wikileaks released information that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s chairman, asked her to take out a line from one of her speeches. This line suggested that fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) and the Iranian regime are “intimately related” missions. The speech was delivered at the Brookings Institute’s Saban Forum in 2015, with this line missing.


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