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London, 1 October - In his September 29 article for the Wall Street Journal, Yaroslav Trofimov writes that, “From the point of view of Sunni Arab regimes anxious about Iran’s regional ambitions, Islamic State—as repellent as it is—provides a silver lining. The extremist group’s firewall blocks territorial contiguity between Iran and its Arab proxies in Syria and Lebanon.”

Iran Focus

London, 1 October - In his article for Al Arabiya, on Friday, September 30, Masoud Alzahid writes about a theme park, now open for its second year in Iran’s city of Mashhad. 

Billed as the “park of the revolution’s children,” it is a place where children are trained to shoot virtual fixed and moving targets that carry the flags of countries viewed as Iran’s enemies, including the United States and Israel.

London, 15 Sep - A September 15 article by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) reports that Mehdi Khazali, son of an Ayatollah, described the Iranian regime’s involvement in the war in Syria as being “wrong” and as the “regime’s quagmire”.

In an interview on Sunday September 11, now available on the internet, Khazali, who has held various positions of responsibility in the Iranian regime, said the regime is now stuck in this quagmire. He also said that getting involved in the Syrian war was wrong.Khazali added, “if the Quds Force wasn’t asking for too much,


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