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London, 12 Jun - On Wednesday 8 June, Al-Arabiya News reported that a video has been published on social networks showing the presence of Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces in the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq.

One of the soldiers, that seem to hold a cell phone in his hand, turned the front camera of the cell phone to his side and started capturing videos of army forces behind him.

Bahrain’s interior ministry announced that they had recaptured eight terrorists who broke out of jail and were being smuggled to Iran, on Saturday 4, June.

The jailbreak happened on Friday evening; coast guards spotted a boat off the northern coast of Bahrain.

When the boat refused to stop; coastguards detained the boat full of escaped prisoners.

Iran Focus

London, 2 Jun - Eighteen people have been charged in Bahrain for contacting Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, according to an article by Reuters.

It is alleged that their aim was to stir up unrest within the country as they also contacted Hezbollah, the Shi'ite Muslim Lebanese group which Bahrain designated as a terrorist cell. They wanted to incite Bahrainis against the monarchy and overthrow the government.