Iranian Officials Admit the Role of MEK


Iranian officials admit the role of MEK

By Jubin Katiraie

The dictators in Iran are clearly concerned about their future. The main opposition – the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI / MEK) plays a large role in helping the people of Iran in their struggle for their rights. It is the only viable and organised alternative to the ruling clerical leadership that is destroying the country and plundering its wealth.

The Resistance movement has always had a significant following in Iran despite what officials may claim. Even back in the eighties, the Resistance movement was enough of a threat for the then Supreme Leader to order the executions of more than 30,000 political prisoners – mainly members of the PMOI / MEK and other dissidents. The incident has now become known as the 1988 massacre.

Since then, and to this day, the Resistance is a threat to the clerical rule in Iran because it values human rights, equality, peace and freedom – all the things that are disregarded under the current rule.

Iranian officials can no longer claim that the PMOI / MEK is insignificant and without following in the country because its role in facilitating the recent uprising and the ensuing and ongoing protests is widely known – even in the West where broadcasters tend to skim over domestic happenings in Iran.

At the recent “Free Iran” gathering in Paris on 30th June, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) was able to show that the PMOI / MEK has massive support inside Iran. Furthermore, its support is not just centred around major cities – it has support in every single one of Iran’s provinces. The connection between the people inside the country and the Resistance is stronger than ever before and this is why officials in the Iranian government are concerned.

Normally officials try to hide any signs of weakness and vulnerability, but it is no longer able to do so. A spokesperson for the country’s judiciary recently mentioned the role of the opposition. He said: “These days we are hearing people chant against the judiciary, the government and officials. Be careful! God forbids a PMOI/MEK member should not infiltrate into the crowd and begin directing the crowd! We must be on alert to prevent the PMOI/MEK from taking advantage of us.”

Officials usually say that a foreign conspiracy is behind the protests, but this one actually recognised that the people are not happy. He said: “The people are angry… they might throw an insult at the state… However, we must draw our lines in the sand. The most important issue is that a PMOI/MEK is not involved… if they are not involved, we must tolerate people insulting us.”

It is ultimately the people of Iran and their courage, strength and desire for a better future that will bring change to Iran. Officials can deny this all they want, but it is clear to see. If it was for the will of the people alone, the leadership would have fallen a long time ago.