Poverty Line

  • 21 Kolbars Killed in Iran Since March

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Iranian border guards have shot dead 21 kolbars in the past five months in western Iran, so Iranian Twitter users have been protesting with the hashtag #كولبر_نكشيد (do not kill kolbars), which became Iran’s top trending topic on Twitter on Sunday.

  • Destruction of the Nutrition System in Iran

    By Pooya Stone

    Nutrition is one of the main indicators of economic and living conditions in all countries.

  • Iran – All This Poverty and Misery, a Storm Is Brewing

    By Pooya Stone

    Iran’s officials and media have analyzed in the past days the critical economic situation and the super-inflation that the government is facing.

  • Iran claims It Will Reduce Inflation While 45 Million Have Inadequate Income

    By Pooya Stone

    Recently, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) acknowledged its goal to reduce the inflation rate to 22 percent in the current year. In other words, it intends to reduce the 41-percent inflation, which was announced in March, by 20 percentage points.

  • Iran: Multi-Billion-Dollar Debts, Luxury Lives, and Millions of Hungry People

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Iran’s ayatollahs refuse to provide economic statistics to cover up their irresolution and incompetence. However, social demands occasionally force the government to release parts of the truth about the dire conditions. Of course, rulers present little details under ambiguous shadows to silence public protests and grievances.

  • Iran: Poverty Line Approaches 9 Million Tomans

    By Pooya Stone

    On May 8, Dr. Mohammad Reza Mahboub-Far, a social pathologist, revealed surprising truths about the Iranian people’s conditions and the state of the poverty line in Iran. “In May 2019, the poverty line was announced at 8 million tomans [$506]. Regrettably, today, the poverty line for a family of four has approached nearly 9 million tomans [$539],” ROKNA quoted Mahboub-Far as saying.

  • Iran’s Free Trade Zones: Hubs for 'Commerce' or 'Corruption'?

    By Pooya Stone

    On May 14, Fars news agency provided a report about free trade zones in Iran and questioned, “Do free trade zones benefit the people, or do they benefit ‘others’?” The Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)-owned media outlet next mentioned how influential individuals and entities in the governing system are profiteering from these free trade zones and revealed a part of systematic corruption in the Islamic Republic.

  • Protests Continue Across Iran

    By Pooya Stone

    The Iranian people have been out protesting in recent days, demanding much-needed change.

  • Seven Iranians Jailed for Peaceful Protest 

    By Jubin Katiraie

    Seven Iranian protesters have been jailed because they cannot afford the fine levied against them for a peaceful demonstration that they attended in 2017, where they demanded that the Agh Dareh Gold Mine hire locals rather than looking for cheaper laborers elsewhere. 

  • The Widening Gap Between Iran’s Rich and Poor

    By Pooya Stone

    In Iran, the gap between economic classes is widening every day. A few citizens with close ties with the government are becoming richer as the rest of the society is rapidly moving below the poverty and misery lines. Due to the government’s economic failures and systematic corruption, poverty and high prices continue to grow.

#Iran - April 10 - Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province, Northeast

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#IranFloods-April 4, Poledokhtar,Lorestan province W #Iran

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