Iran Economy NewsIran: Prospects for ‘Difficult Economic Conditions’

Iran: Prospects for ‘Difficult Economic Conditions’


In addition to the empty baskets of the Iranian people, now because of the destruction of the country’s production and economic infrastructure, the situation for business is not provided, they are not able to provide the minimum livelihood necessities.

What Iranian businesses are now facing is a lack of customers. The consumption of the Iranian people is decreasing rapidly, and the people are not able to provide even the minimum goods so that the consumption of important food items like meat, egg, dairy, and protein is witnessing a 50 percent decrease. This shows that the Iranian people becoming poorer in general, and their baskets have shrunk.

When an Iranian is forced to reduce half of his or her daily food because of poverty and the high prices, equally they will reduce the items from its purchasing list, and in practice, the production of the businesses and factories are witnessing a lack of customers.

While the people are forced to ignore the purchase of second-class goods because they are even not able to provide their important items, these items are accumulated by the producers, and they are dragged into recession.

The situation of the country and the people is now critical, so much so that one of the state dailies, the Arman newspaper, wrote that these circumstances “are becoming a social crisis.”

Looking helpless and being in despair, the state-run daily Farhikhtegan affiliated the supreme leader’s faction, about this situation wrote: “One by one, we examine different areas, that is, to go to the economy and write about the bad economic situation in the country, from a livelihood that is not good at all, from poverty and unemployment that is increasing, and the class gap that has become a deep valley.”

One of the main reasons for such a situation is the institutional corruption in the country. While the farmers are throwing away their products, the import mafia, is offering the same products on the market at high prices. According to the latest point inflation rate the situation is concerning about the foods.

The Statistics Center of Iran announced a 45.5 percent point inflation rate in September, in which food prices increased by 60 percent.

The state-run telegram channel Khabar Fori wrote: “Iran’s misery index of 20 provinces in the range of computational risk shows that 8 provinces of Iran are in the range of over 60 percent in terms of misery index. According to the latest estimate by the Statistical Center of Iran, the inflation rate reached 45.8 percent at the end of September and the unemployment rate has reached 9.6 percent, thus the country’s misery index reached 55.4 percent at the end of this summer. Only the misery index of Semnan and Qom provinces is lower than 50 percent, and Tehran, Mazandaran, Qazvin, Markazi, Hamedan, Alborz, Ardabil, Khorasan Razavi, and South provinces are at the bottom of the misery index table and around 50 percent figure, respectively.” (Khabar Fori, October 2, 2021)

Now, it is easy to imagine the situation of those who are the majority and who live under the poverty line.

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