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Corrupt Family Appointments in Iran’s Government


The Iranian new government which is composed of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commanders, after the direct order of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei to build a young Hezbollahi government, like its predecessors is working in the direction of the regime’s plundering policies.

Ebrahim Raisi has selected many of the regime’s new officials from people who have no experience in political and executive administration. Therefore, there is no doubt left that these appointments are due to the regime’s critical situation and its fear of the people.

At least 13 governors have been selected from the IRGC. Also, many of the government’s officials are selected from the IRGC and other regime’s repressive organizations and are members of the regime’s principlist faction.

These authorities include:

  • Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi (Interior Minister) former head of the Quds Force and former Minister of Defense.
  • Hossein Amir Abdollahian (Foreign Minister) Qasem Soleimani’s assistant in the IRGC-QF force.
  • Brigadier General Rostam Qasemi (Minister of Housing and Urban Development) former head of the Construction Headquarters known as Khatam al-Anbia of the Revolutionary Guards.
  • Cleric Ismail Khatib (Minister of Intelligence) is a key member of the infamous Ministry of Intelligence.
  • Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Gharai Ashtiani (Minister of Defense) was a commander of the regime’s army.
  • Brigadier General Saeed Mohammad (Raisi’s advisor on free trade, industrial and special economic zones’ former head of the IRGC’s Khatam al-Anbia headquarters.
  • Alireza Zakani (Mayor of Tehran) is a key member of the Ministry of Intelligence and Basij.

About the other appointments, the state-run daily Mardom Salari in an article entitled ‘the period of son-in-law appointments’, named the names of some of the regime officials son-in-law of the principlist faction who has gained a position in the government and wrote:

“Farshad Mehdipour is deputy press secretary for the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, son-in-law of Hassan Khojasteh (Khamenei’s brother-in-law).

“Javad Mohammadi is the secretary of the Supreme Council for the Recruitment of The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, son-in-law of Mohammadi Araghi a member of this council.

Mohammad Aghasi is the Secretary of the Culture Headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, son-in-law of Major General Rahim Safavi.

“Vahid Khavehi is the new CEO of the Alavi Foundation, the son-in-law of Ahmadi Moqaddam, former commander of the police force.

“Malik Rahmati is the deputy head of Astan Quds Foundation, Hashemi’s son-in-law, who is the economic deputy of the Executive Headquarters of Imam’s Order (EIKO).

“Ahmadi son-in-law Mohsen Rezaei was also supposed to be managing director of the Saderat Bank, who had a bad fortune.” (State-run daily Mardom Salari, October 27, 2021)

Alireza Zakani, who played in the past years the role of a clean politician and attacked many in the government for such appointments and corrupt clans, has appointed his son-in-law in a very beneficial position in Tehran’s Municipality.

“Before going to the municipality, Zakani had announced that the era of ‘Nepotism’ and ‘cronyism’ in Tehran municipality was over, but it was not long before his first ‘Nepotism ’ became the quotes of media circles.” (State-run daily Hamdeli, October 27, 2021)

The state-run media outlet Aftab named this corrupt clan a ‘huge problem’ and wrote:

“In addition to the criticisms and objections to the appointment of Zakani’s son-in-law in Tehran Municipality, in a beneficial post, please keep in mind that this issue is not limited to Tehran municipality firstly, the problem is deeply rooted and has nothing to do with this institution and that institution or this and that current.

“Wherever there is wealth and power accumulated, this special looting and rent-seeking exist, and every current that gains power is first thinking about appointing those close to him.” (State-run daily Aftab-e-Yazd, October 27, 2021)

Finally, the state-run website Asr-e-Iran wrote the issue about the regime’s corruption, that there is no difference between the two factions, and all of them are rent-seekers and corrupt people, and exposing each other is just to gain more power and wealth.

“Dear politicians from both currents know that we are accustomed to your family appointments and that whenever the election is raised, you are speaking about competently and say that when we come to work, we lock the family door so that it doesn’t come out of the house, let alone give them a post! But once you’ve crossed the bridge, you are doing your job and make family appointments thriving.” (State-run website Asr-e-Iran, October 26, 2021)

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