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Huge but Hidden Corruption


The chairman of Iran’s Privatization Organization Hossein Ghorbanzadeh previously said that about 525,000 properties have been registered in the SADA system and emphasized that naturally, this number must be much higher about the properties owned by the regime’s officials and their institutions, but they are not registering them and are hiding them from the public.

According to state-run news agency Tasnim, in an interview, he said that despite that these properties should create money they are wasting. The reason for that is improper management, and its result is the waste of these properties. And said that unfortunately, this has become a rule which is one of the factors of corruption and something that is destroying the country’s economy.

He added that in the SADA system 525,000 properties have been registered, from this number 314,000 belong to the executive systems of the government and the rest to other systems. This is while in Turkey about 3 million properties have been registered. And according to the extent and population of Iran, naturally, the number of properties that are owned by the executive systems of the government must be much higher and the regime’s officials have hidden most of them.

He said that the head of all branches of the government and the so-called private-governmental companies and their institutions own many properties and buildings. Even many non-military properties have been usurped by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and other military institutions. Even fields belonging to the medical science universities are captured by them.

According to the latest regime’s statistics two times the liquidity of the country, inventories have been identified, this is something that Mohammad Reza Pur Ebrahimi, chairman of the regime’s Parliamentary Economic Commission, has confessed, which is showing the amount of the wealth in the hands of the regime’s officials.

The estimated value of the properties in the hands of the government is $634 billion. While these properties could be used for urban development, the government has blocked all these fields.

With this $634 billion the regime can administrate the country for nearly 12 years but the budget to run the country is only $58 billion.

If we want to see the amount of this disaster created by corruption like this, it is enough to have a look at the statistics of the government’s budget statistics. According to the state-run daily Rouydad24, what the government has published about the country’s budget is contrary to the speeches of the Head of Program and Budget Organization.

The government is predicting that they will be able to sell about 1.2 million oil barrels. While there is no official statistic about the regime’s oil sale, but estimations are suggesting that the regime was only able to sell about 600,000 barrels.

The amazing part is that the regime said that for the next year’s budget they are not counting on the lifting of the sanctions but has doubled the oil sale predictions. Even if we predict that the government can sell 1.2 million barrels next year, it will have problems entering the gained money into the country’s economy.

Another strange thing is that the government is predicting the exchange rate to be 23,000 tomans for each dollar. While all the predictions for the coming months are speaking about an exchange rate of 40,000 tomans and even more.

The only solution to decrease the exchange rate in a short time urgently is the increase of the export income so that the regime will be able to inject more dollars into the market. But the reality is that the regime is bartering oil, therefore something like this is just an illusion. Now add to this the number of the 44 percent of inflation, then the extent of the disaster will become visible.

The question is how a corrupt government which has captured most of the public’s properties and frozen them so that none of the people can use them, and with such a minimum allocation of budget for the country’s administration and such an oil export and inflation rate, is even able to speak about an economic boom and ‘Resistive Economy.’

This reveals the regime’s lies and deadlock.

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