Iran Economy NewsIran’s Government-Run Pesticides Mafia Harms the People

Iran’s Government-Run Pesticides Mafia Harms the People


The Iranian regime is intensely busy hurting the people in any way. Last month for the first time the news appeared on social media that Russia did not accept the imported Paprika from Iran and sent the cargo back.

Shortly after that news spread that Iraq and Uzbekistan sent back Iran’s potatoes too. Some of the regime’s media tried to whitewash this scandal and as usual, said that there are hidden hands behind this news and are trying to harm the relation between Iran and Russia.

But not a long time has passed after the regime’s claim, news spread again, that the decision of all these countries was due to the regime’s use of non-standard pesticides.

Finally, state-run news agency ISNA wrote: “This bitter news has saddened the agricultural sector and the people. Russia has returned the paprikas, and the Iranian tomatoes and eggplants have suffered a similar fate. Iraq and Uzbekistan recently returned Iranian potatoes. India has also returned to Iranian kiwi.” (State-run news agency ISNA, December 28, 2021)

And about the negligence of the regime’s ministries, it added: “The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture must find a solution.

“What are these two ministries doing? Why is there no monitoring of technical raw materials of imported pesticides? Why are the pesticides and fertilizer mafia allowed to play with our expensive agricultural products like this?” (State-run news agency ISNA, December 28, 2021)

And about the regime’s crime in poisoning the people this news agency wrote: “It is not acceptable that agricultural products that have been returned from the destinations countries because being recognized as non-standard to be distributed and consumed domestically.

“Consider the horrible statistics of diseases caused by these foods. Cancers, gastrointestinal diseases, and dozens of other diseases, and on the other hand, the consumption of medicines and the costs of treatment, etc., are a burden that the pesticides and fertilizer mafia have added on other destructive costs of people’s lives.” (State-run news agency ISNA, December 28, 2021)

The disaster is so serious that the regime was not able to hide it, and the disputes about this issue were drawn into the regime’s parliament sessions.

Alireza Pak Fetrat, MP, on December 29 said: “My reminder to the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture and the Ministry of Health, is why should we hear from neighboring countries that our food products are non-standard? Why should 9 neighboring countries return our agricultural products because they are non-standard?”

And Mohsen Alizadeh, MP, uncovered the government-controlled mafia behind this crime and said: “We learned that in the past few days, some of our products that were exported to neighboring countries have been returned. In this regard, we were informed that, unfortunately, there is a large mafia in the country that works only to import toxins and does not care about the health of society.

“There are managers in the Plant Protection Organization a subdirectory of Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture who are taking special bonuses. They are creating rent-seeking.”

This was so scandalous for the regime that the parliament speaker muted his microphone and warned him not to continue.

And the state-run daily Jahan-e Sanat while quoting an environmental activist, exposed the dirty hands of the regime’s mafia behind this crime and wrote:

“The amount of lead in onions grown in the south of Tehran is more than 8 times the world standard, and they practically announced that we could not announce these statistics, and at that time I published some of that material and I was warned about why I have published confidential statistics. While the main question is why contaminated food is given to people.

“Statistics released by the Ministry of Health clearly show that the costs and consumption of medicine in Iran are increasing.” (State-run daily Jahan-e Sanat, December 30, 2021)

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