General Iran COVID-19 Situation: All Provinces Are Either ‘Red’ or...

Iran COVID-19 Situation: All Provinces Are Either ‘Red’ or on Alert


By Jubin Katiraie

We Are Facing A Catastrophe in The Third Wave of the Coronavirus, But Still the Government Is Dragging People onto the Streets

“We are repeatedly warning people to avoid unnecessary traffic, but the government and the Ministry of Education are dragging people into the streets in any way,” said Minoo Mohrez, a member of the National Coronavirus Taskforce, on 27 September.

“Iran is on the wave. We can no longer say the first or third wave. Unfortunately, the country is constantly on the coronavirus wave”, she added.

The Treatment Staff Is Very Tired and Weak

“Despite all the lies of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani so far about the adequacy of hospital beds and medical requirements, Minoo Mohrez said, “There is no empty bed in the hospital. In many hospitals, patients have to be treated with oxygen capsules in the hallway or yard. Due to the fact that the treatment staff is very tired and weak. If we follow the same procedure, the country will face a catastrophe. From the outset, the National Coronavirus Headquarters opposed the reopening of schools. On the contrary, they opened schools two weeks earlier, which is completely wrong.”

Coronavirus Is Circulating in All Provinces of the Country

“Currently, the coronavirus epidemic is circulating in almost all provinces of the country,” said Ali Akbar Haghdoost, deputy education minister and head of the Corona headquarters’ epidemiology committee.

He added: “And it can almost be said that a third wave is beginning in the country. September travels, gatherings and Muharram ceremonies are the main reasons for the resurgence of the coronavirus in the country.”

High-Risk Jobs Must Be Shut Down

The president of Qom University of Medical Sciences said: “Qom hospitals are saturated and about 800 beds are full. We are witnessing the peak and severe coronavirus spread in Qom. The virulence of the virus has increased and about 75% of the samples taken in Qom are positive. We want to impose some restrictions, including distance learning, reducing working hours and closing high-risk jobs.”

The Drip Method Resulted in the Death of A Number of Sweet Souls

Nahid Khodakarami, chairman of the Tehran City Council’s health committee, said: “The drip control of COVID-19 resulted in the deaths of about 12,000 Tehran residents and 25,000 defenseless Iranians (these are not just numbers, these are sweet souls that are lost). While the social, psychological and economic consequences of this horrific tragedy have not yet been revealed.”

Rouhani Again Blamed the People

However, Rouhani on 27 September 2020 at the Coronavirus headquarters again blamed the people for the Coronavirus outbreak, saying: “Just 48 to 53 percent of the people observed, but this is a small number. We ask the people to increase this cooperation so that we can go through these stages. Insufficient observance of the people causes problems. So, we are announcing today that we have to tighten regulations and we have to tighten controls.”

Iran Deliberately Underreporting Coronavirus Deaths

20,000 Imported Feipiravir Tablets Were Spent on Government Officials and Nothing Reached the People

On Sunday, September 27, Mahmoud Sadeghi revealed that 20,000 imported Feipiravir tablets had been consumed by government officials. Mahmoud Sadeghi, a member of the 10th parliament, admitted that 20,000 Feipiravir pills were smuggled in the latest days of the 10th parliament. He said that most of these pills have been taken by the authorities.

He said the pills were supposed to be given to hospitals for clinical work and licensed for production, but it was not clear what happened to them.

The abuse of power in the Velayat-e-Faqih (supreme religious rule) is not limited to the financial and economic sectors. These corrupt officials use rent-seeking to endanger people’s lives so that they do not harm themselves.

One Death in Every Seven Minutes

Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Minister of Health: “The number of deaths in some provinces is unprecedented and much higher than the previous quorum. According to last week’s statistics, on average one person dies because of the coronavirus in every seven minutes.”

The head of the Tehran Thousand-Bed Hospital said: “ICU sections of the hospital are completely full, and we use normal wards to hospitalize coronavirus patients.”

He added: “Our clients are about 3 to 5 times more than in previous weeks and the condition of patients is deteriorating more.”

120 Students Have Died Because of The Virus

“In the last seven months, the number of students patients infected with the coronavirus has exceeded 10,000, 120 of whom have died,” said Harirchi.

The Deputy Minister of Health confessed to the death of students, while many parents demanded that schools not be reopened. But Rouhani and his health minister ordered the reopening of schools, regardless of the dangers, and endangered the lives of students.

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