GeneralMess in Iran’s Government

Mess in Iran’s Government


The price of each pack of eggs in Tehran has reached 350,000 rials [$1.16]; meanwhile, the government-approved rate is over 300,000 rials.

The government has no plans to distribute [eggs] at the approved rate, and poultry farmers are reluctant to sell their produce at the approved rate, the state-run Tasnim news agency wrote on 27 September.

The Minister for Agriculture of Hassan Rouhani’s government had also promised that the price of this product would be offered cheaply at the approved price from the beginning of the week, but this has not happened yet.

The situation of other goods and commodities is similar to that of eggs, And prices have not come down yet. The minister in charge of market regulation is still behind the door of the parliament to get a vote of confidence, the poverty line has reached 100 million rials [$333] and the salaries of workers have remained unstable.

60 Million Iranians Below the Poverty Line

Now Iran’s government is talking about granting food stamps to those below the poverty line, But it is not clear where the source of it comes from? In this chaos, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) also wants to move the capital.

The environment due to over-harvesting of freshwater aquifers, pastures, and forests, which is due to low productivity and poverty of the villagers is severely damaged. This will lead to the destruction of small villages with a population of about three million in the near future.

Informal settlements are expanding; The index (unemployment plus inflation) in 2019 or before the coronavirus in Iran was one of the highest figures in the world.

No one really knows how many immigrants from the cities and the countryside live on the outskirts of cities. There are estimated to be two million vacant homes in the cities, but tax collection has sparked a dispute between officials and the regime’s Guardian Council.

The death carriage named Pride, which was supposed to be taken off the production line due to its fatalities has now reached a price of over one hundred million rials.

An economic analyst in the regime says about the performance of governments in these decades:

“Because they despair of making history and find it easy to make geography; Because in their view, building geography is nothing but ‘masonry’.

“Masonry does not need a model of development, nor does it need a social policy, nor does it need to build institutions of democratic decentralization, nor does it need free elections and the authorization of trade unions. Like the claim of money-free management of cities, the absurdity of such a claim about the transfer of capital is clear:

“Estimates show that building a well-equipped city of 500,000 like the capital of Iran requires $300 billion, three times Iran’s total capital formation or exports (oil and non-oil) at its peak during the non-sanctions period. It is impossible for a contractor, apart from being military or private, internal, or external, to have such a reserve. (Shargh, 27 September)

Looking around, we can clearly see that various occupations and classes have been closed for more than eight months due to the high risk of the coronavirus conditions, and with the increase in coronavirus infestation, not only is there no prospect of opening them, but a number adding to the coronavirus conditions, have been shut down due to high prices.

The head of the Tehran Chamber of Trade Unions says in this regard: “Unfortunately, with the re-emergence of the disease, there is a possibility that the initial instructions will be re-enacted, and more classes will be closed.” (ILNA, 28 September)

While government factions are attacking each other about the economic situation, Tasnim in an interview with Hossein Ayvazlou, Director of the Department of Political Economy at Imam Sadegh University, wrote: “From the very beginning of the government’s work, seven years ago, and especially in the second round, we have stated in several statements, which we wrote with a group of economists that this government has no plans to solve economic problems, but it has had no effect.

“I believe that in general, in the country’s decision-making system in the theoretical field, we do not have a comprehensive plan to solve problems within the framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is not for today, but it starts from the meetings four or five years ago in which they had no plans or ideas. (Tasnim, 27 September)

Khosh Chehre, one of the opponents of Rouhani’s government, attacking him, while Rouhani claimed that, “The cause of all problems is America, and Washington DC should be cursed”, while mocking the regime’s governments that this behavior is becoming a stereotype of their standard reaction. He added, “In the last year of their work, they have pointed out all the shortcomings abroad and introduced the root of the problems to the United States and its allies, and Rouhani’s remarks about the US being the cause of all the country’s problems is incorrect, immature and extravagant. (Tasnim, 27 September)

While the government made the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) accountable for the economic disaster, ILNA wrote: “The main reason for the increase in the monetary base is the increase in the net foreign assets of the Central Bank, which was also due to the fact that the Central Bank took the unusable and inaccessible currency of the National Development Fund and gave the equivalent in Rials.

“If the central bank wants to continue this accompaniment, it must also respond to inflation. Right now, the government is somehow stepping aside and blaming the central bank for the problems.

“So, this bank should not have been so supportive so that we reached such a state. It should be noted that when inflation rises, government spending increases and the budget deficit intensifies again, so it looks like next year the problems in terms of compensating for the budget deficit will double. (ILNA, 28 September)

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