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What Do We Know About the Case of 5 Young Iran People Sentenced to Death?


Five Iranian youth sentenced to death for protesting the regime

By Jubin Katiraie

These days, the news of the confirmation of the death sentence of five or eight young Iranians in Isfahan is the first news of many media outlets, while the regime’s Judicial authorities are trying to carry out their work in silence with continuous denials of these verdicts.

Now we want to look at the case of five of these young people and see why the government is committed to the execution of these young people.

The names of the 5 young people who arrested in the nationwide protests in December 2017

  • Mehdi Salehi Qaleh Shahrokhi, born in 1983, resident of Yazdanshahr, business owner, married. He is the father of a 7-year-old girl.
  • Hadi Kiani, son of Sahn Ali, born in 1990, resident of Khomeini Shahr, freelance, married.
  • Mohammad Bastami, son of Sharifi, born in 1992, resident of Isfahan, freelance, married.
  • Majid Nazari Kondari, born in 1994, resident of Mal Khalifa, Amiran village, freelance, single.
  • Abbas Mohammadi, born in 1991, resident of Khomeini Shahr, freelance, married. He has two children.

During the nationwide protests in December 2017 in Khomeini Shahr, one of the protesters, Asghar Haroon Al-Rashidi, was shot dead. Mr. Rashidi’s family complained about the Basij elements, the IRGC, and the police about killing their child.

After a while, a number of Rashidi’s friends, including; Mehdi Salehi Qaleh Shahrokhi, Hadi Kiani, Mohammad Bastami, Majid Nazari Kondari, Abbas Mohammadi, Saeed Salehi, Vahid Salehi, Bahman Doisti, Alireza Ispareh, Milad Ostad Mamzani, Bahram Barakatipour, Soheil Haroon Al-Rashidi, Ismail Harun Al-Rashidi due to participation in the protests of December 2017 were arrested.

Among them, Mehdi Salehi Qaleh Shahrokhi on 3 November 2019, Hadi Kiani on 10 March 2019, Mohammad Bastami on 12 March 2019, Majid Nazari Kondari on 14 March 2019, and Abbas Mohammadi on 11 April 2018 were arrested. They are still in custody.

According to an informed source from the Isfahan Central Prison (Dastgerd), Hadi Kiani is one of the five youths detained since the December 2017 uprising who was sentenced to be executed twice by the Second Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan in February 2020. This case has resulted in imprisonment and flogging sentences for eight other defendants.

Hadi was a construction worker since he was a teenager, and after years of working as a laborer, he was able to rent a car wash to support his family.

Hadi’s relatives said: “We did not hear from him until 40 days after his arrest. Hadi later said that he was tortured in solitary confinement during this time.”

The arrest of Hadi Kiani dates to the nationwide protests in December 2017 in the Joyabad neighborhood near the city of Sedeh in Isfahan.

“I am innocent,” he told the court. But in court, he was sentenced to two death for moharebeh (waging war on God) and Armed insurgency Against the Imam or Islamic ruler.

According to the verdict issued by the Revolutionary Court of Isfahan on 8 February 2020, Mehdi Salehi Ghaleh Shahrokhi, Mohammad Bastami, Majid Nazari Kondari, Hadi Kiani, and Abbas Mohammadi were charged with “Armed insurgency, moharebeh, and corruption on earth through community and disrupting public and private security.” Each of them was sentenced to two death sentences and five years in prison.

Also, Saeed Salehi, Vahid Salehi, Bahman Doisti, Alireza Ispareh, Milad Ostad Mamzani, Bahram Barakatipour, Soheil Haroon Al-Rasheedi, Ismail Harun Al-Rasheedi have been sentenced to imprisonment and flogging.

Vahid Salehi, Bahman Doisti, Alireza Ispareh, Milad Ostad Mamzani, and two others have also been acquitted of the charge of “Armed insurgency through effective efforts and activities to advance the goals of the rioters.”


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