Iran Supreme Leader Encourages Attacks on President

Iran Focus

London, 15 Jun - The Iranian Regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has reportedly authorised his top officials to attack the Regime's president, Hassan Rouhani, on any matter that they see fit to, without fear of repercussions.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) wrote that these comments, which were made on June 7, are an attempt to weaken Rouhani and seize Cabinet seats in the Parliament because Khamenei is upset about his failure to fix last month’s election to suit himself.

While some Western media outlets may attempt to paint Rouhani as the “moderate” who is being attacked by “hardliners”, let’s be clear that there is no fundamental difference in the politics of the Iranian Regime members.

The NCRI stated: “The fact, however, is that both bands within the regime…are actually the same, with holding the regime in power as their main goal. And if there’s any conflict or dispute over regime’s general policies or red lines, it’s only about how to move forward or deal with those policies and red lines.”

All of these highly influential men want the most amount of power possible for themselves, which is why they squabble at the expense of the Iranian people.

Khamenei tried to rig the election in favour of his friend, Ebrahim Raisi, who sent 30,000 political prisoners to their deaths in 1988, but chickened out for fears that people would riot in the streets as they did after the 2009 “elections”.

He selected Rouhani, because he saw him as less offensive, but Rouhani has secretly restarted the embargoed nuclear programme and sent 4,000 people to their deaths since 2013. Despite a slight dip in the number of the people being executed in the final few days of campaigning, Rouhani picked up the pace and began executions the day after he was announced as President again.

Mohammad-Nabi Habibi, one of those in Khamenei’s faction who jumped at the chance to criticise Rouhani hit him on his cabinet picks, deals with the US, and compromising on Iranian values.

He said: “Rouhani needs to know that sedition is regime’s red line. So, he must be careful when selecting his colleagues. Regime should not be hit twice by the same cause.”

Although, just to be crystal clear, Rouhani is not stocking his Cabinet with people looking to overthrow the Regime; he wouldn’t even if he could.

Habibi criticised the US for violating the nuclear deal, despite the fact the Iran illegally restarted the programme and they should consider themselves lucky that no leader from the P5+1 countries has yet moved to reinforce the sanctions.

As for compromising on Iranian values, the entire Regime is responsible for that; the Regime’s values are far different from those of their people. However, as the Regime look to tear each other apart, the Iranian people may yet be able to see Regime change.


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