Iran Regime Won't Solve Economic Crises With Banking Reform; The Real Answer Is Regime Change

Iran Focus

London, 15 Aug - During his recent inauguration, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani promised to embark on an “economic revolution” in order to create jobs for the nation’s unemployed, but the main problem facing the Iranian people is not the economy but the Regime itself.

The economy is no doubt a big problem in Iran, which has led to almost 30% of Iranians living below the absolute poverty line and a quarter of the Iranian youth being unemployed, but this is due to the Regime continually pouring money into foreign conflicts and the military rather than projects that would benefit the people like infrastructure or health care.

In an article Financial Times, cites the country’s “ailing banking sector” as the main problem in the Iranian economy.

Author wrote: “For decades isolated from the rest of the financial world, many Iranian banks struggle to comply with international banking norms. After years of populist policies, many are beset by high levels of bad loans….reform of the sector is seen as central to the revitalisation of an economy desperate for foreign investment.”

Iran has faced vast international sanctions over the past several decades, which has led to less money to invest in the public sector, but those sanctions were introduced (and many more are still being levied against them today) due to the unreasonable behaviour of its ruling mullahs.

The Iranian Regime could bring their banks up to code and fix their broken economy by the end of 2017 if they wanted to. All they’d need to do is stop investing money in their ballistic missiles programme, stop funding terrorist groups, pull out of regional conflicts, and stop the corruption by the heads of the Regime and the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Then they’d have enough money to create jobs for all the unemployed people and fix up all of the failing sectors in Iran.

The problem is that the Regime is unwilling to do any of that because they don’t want to lose either money or power. They are so hell bent on spreading their religious fascism throughout the Middle East, they don’t care if it bankrupts their country and kills their people in the mean time.

That is why the only real solution to the economic problems in Iran is Regime Change.

The Iranian Resistance, and its leader Maryam Rajavi, have a plan to create a 21st Century Iran, which includes ending the nuclear weapons programme, promoting gender equality and getting women into work, and ending their involvement in foreign conflicts like Syria.




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