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London, 24 Nov - The Iranian Regime has confirmed that it will continue to support the Houthis, its terrorist proxy in Yemen, and refused to discuss any potential withdrawal of support for its proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

On Thursday, November 23, the Iranian Regime’s state-run television quoted Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, chief commander of Iran’s militant Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as saying that it will continue to back the Houthi militants after they recently launched an Iranian-made ballistic missile against Saudi Arabia.

According to Reuters, he said: “The Republic [of Iran] will not withhold the assistance and will continue providing it.”

Of course, it is not surprising that the Regime would not withdraw support from the Houthis following the recent attack.

All evidence points to the Regime having ordered the attack in order to hurt Saudi Arabia and attempt to avoid blame and punishment, in much the same way as someone would hire a contract killer.

Jafari even went so far as to praise Iranian proxy terrorist groups from across the Middle East, noting that Iran did not want “direct confrontation with Saudi Arabia”.

It is no secret that Iran prefers to wage proxy wars in other countries and do untold damage to the whole of the region, rather than confront its Saudi foe in a real battle.

He also defended the Regime’s support of the Lebanese Hezbollah, a group that was placed on the US’s terror watch list in 1997, by claiming that they are the best weapon to defend Lebanon against Israel. What Jafari failed to note is that Israel does not seek to harm Lebanon but only the terrorist group that has seized control of its government.

He also failed to note that Saad Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister, stepped down on November 4, citing an inability to run the government with Hezbollah’s (and thereby Iran’s) constant interference and an assassination plot against him by the terrorist group and the mullahs’ Regime.

Jafari was even brazen enough to defend the Iranian Regime’s and the IRGC’s malign role in Syria propping up the Bashar Assad dictatorship and vastly prolonging the conflict.

He claimed that the IRGC would help achieve a “lasting ceasefire” in Syria and assist with the reconstruction following the end of the civil war. This is code for Assad allowing the Iranian Regime to take over Syria by proxy in thanks for their role in attempting to destroy the Syrian people’s legitimate resistance.

He also defended the Regime’s ballistic missile programme claiming that it was for defensive purposes only despite much evidence against.

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