Yemen's FM Support Iran Protests

Iran Focus

London, 3 Jan - Yemen’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi tweeted on Tuesday that he supported the Iranian people in their fight for freedom and their recent protests.

He said: "We wish the aspirations of the Iranian people succeed in achieving freedom and stopping foreign ventures."

He said that the Iranian uprising was the result of Iranians wanting to live in peace and prosperity with the other people of the Middle East; a direct contrast from the Regime’s horrifying dreams of exporting terrorism, spreading destruction, and creating a Shiite Crescent across the Middle East.

Al-Mekhlafi emphasised that the mullahs spend Iran’s wealth on regional warfare and terrorist proxy groups at the expense of their own people and called on the rest of the world to listen and react to the cries of the Iranian people.

He stated that Iranians are the most oppressed people in the region, after the people of the countries in which the Iranian regime interfered and imposed sectarian wars. He stressed that the Iranian people have the right to be free from injustice.


As for Iranian interference in the Middle East, that is something that the people of Yemen know all too well.

Al-Makhlafi points out that the Regime has been interfering in Yemen since at least 1982 and have fuelled several wars across the years; the latest of which is still going on as the Regime supports the terrorist Houthi militia against the internationally-recognised Yemeni government.

The Regime provided providing weapons (including ballistic missiles) and ammunition to the Houthis throughout 2017. Many of those missiles were aimed at Saudi Arabia. They have also provided military commanders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (including Colonel Reda Basini, Commander Ali al-Rajabi and Major Mohammad Niazi) to lead the Houthi military operations.

In late 2017, former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, was assassinated by the Houthis (on the probable orders of the Regime) for attempting peace talks with the Yemeni government.


The Iranian protests have been going on for a week now. They started about the failing economy but soon grew into a broader anti-regime protest opposing, amongst other things, the export of terrorism that Al-Makhlafi references.

So far, at least 21 people have been killed and 450 arrested, but the number is likely much higher given the Regime’s history for burying unfavourable statistics. The Regime has also shut off the internet in many places, so the protesters can’t get their point-of-view out to the world.