Reuters: Survivors of a mosque fire that killed 59 people accused authorities in the Iranian capital Tehran of responding too slowly to save many of the victims.
At least 230 people remained hospitalised on Tuesday, one day after
a faulty kerosene heater ignited a massive blaze at Tehran's Arg mosque, which was packed with worshippers for a major Shi'ite Muslim festival. Men, women and children were killed trying to

Iran Focus: Tehran, Feb. 15 – The governor of Mahabad (northwest Iranian Kurdistan province) tried to restrain public anger, admitting to serious interruptions in gas, power, and water services, amidst clashes between people and State Security Forces. Seyed Marouf Samadi, speaking to a state-run news agency, ILNA, said "Under normal circumstances gas ...

Los Angeles Times: More than 2,000 Iranian exiles from across Europe rallied in Berlin today to protest against Tehran's conservative Islamic government and criticize its nuclear ambitions as a dangerous ploy that could lead to U.S. military intervention. The demonstration quickly spun into a tale of legal maneuverings and conspiracy theories. Before it was to begin at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin authorities canceled the rally, claiming it was partly organized by an Iranian opposition group linked to terrorism. A German court overturned the ban, and protesters, detained for hours at airports and train stations, streamed through rainy streets.

AFP: Nearly 60 people perished and more than 200 others suffered burns on Monday when a fire swept through a Tehran mosque crammed with worshippers, police said. The blaze broke out as the faithful packed into the Ark mosque near the main bazaar in the capital for prayers just a few days before the major Shiite Muslim religious festival of Ashura, local media reported.

The Scotsman: A SCOTS Conservative MEP is to address a gathering of 40,000 exiled Iranians in Germany at a demonstration against the fundamentalist regime in Tehran.
Struan Stevenson will tell the crowd at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin today that "the days of the brutal fascist regime are numbered".
The demonstration has been organised by the National Council for Resistance in Iran.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Feb. 13 - Thousands of people flooded the streets of Mahabad (northwest Kurdistan province in Iran) this morning, clashing violently with State Security Forces after days of gas, water, and electricity interruptions. According to local residents, household gas has been cut off in the town for the past four days, electricity has been out for more than 24 hours, and water was repeatedly cut off for several hours at a time
over the past day.

DPA: Police in the German capital on Thursday banned a demonstration called by an Iranian opposition group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Officials said the group - which seeks the ouster of the Teheran government - planned to use the rally to build support for the Iranian People's Mujahedin-e Khalq which has been declared a terrorist organisation by the European Union.

Washington Post: The Bush administration has been flying surveillance drones over Iran for nearly a year to seek evidence of nuclear weapons programs and detect weaknesses in air defenses, according to three U.S. officials with detailed knowledge of the secret effort. The small, pilotless planes, penetrating Iranian airspace from U.S. military facilities in Iraq, use radar, video, still photography and air filters designed to ...

Sunday Telegraph: America's spy network in Iran was exposed more than 10 years ago and about 50 of its local agents were executed or jailed in a devastating setback for United States intelligence operations in the Islamic state, former CIA officials have disclosed. The Iranian agents, who included senior military officers, had been relaying information to their handlers at the CIA's office in Frankfurt, using messages written in invisible ink on the back of letters posted from Iran.

U.S. Newswire - News Advisory: Iran Policy Committee (IPC) is holding a press conference on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2005 at 10 a.m. in the West Room of the National Press Club of Washington, to release its report on U.S. policy options on Iran. IPC is comprised of former officials from the White House, State Department, Pentagon, intelligence agencies, the Congress, and experts from think tanks and universities.

Reuters: Iran on Saturday started churning out a production line of torpedoes as pressure mounts against the Islamic Republic, which Washington accuses of seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, state media reported. Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani, in naval uniform, was shown on state television inspecting some 20 torpedoes, mainly painted red with black tips.

Iran Focus: Berlin, Feb. 07 – Iranians are planning a massive rally in Berlin on the twenty-sixth anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution to call for an end to theocratic rule in their country. The announcement comes after the barring of a similar rally on Iran which was scheduled for the same day in Paris. Organisers are expecting a huge turnout in the event scheduled for February 10 at the Brandenburger-Tor in central Berlin, despite the original
Paris demonstration having been barred by French authorities,
days before the event.

U-TV: European Union chiefs were today urged to adopt a tougher stance with Iran over any move to acquire nuclear weapons.
Democratic Unionist Jim Allister issued the call after MEPs were briefed by a critic of the Tehran regime, the President elect of the National Council of Resistance in Iran, Maryam Rajavi. In a hard hitting statement Mr Allister said: "Iran is a dictatorial theocracy, in which freedom of speech and human rights are trampled over on
a daily basis.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Feb. 07 – One out of every ten people living in the streets in Iran are university-educated, according to the head of Social Affairs in the Tehran Governor's Office. Zahra Nejadbahram said, "9.4 percent of street-sleepers attending Tehran's four day-care centres are university graduates".

Reuters: Fourteen people were killed and 15 injured in northwest Iran when a gas cylinder on a bus toppled over and burst into flames, state television reported on Friday. The bus was travelling to Tehran from the western province of Kurdistan on Thursday when the fuel canister fell over and exploded.

The Guardian: Condoleezza Rice turned Washington's rhetoric on Iran up another notch yesterday, telling Iranians they would have to "live up to their international obligations" to avoid a conflict with Israel. But back in Washington, the secretary of defence, Donald Rumsfeld, struck a more dovish note, saying the estimates he had seen said Iran was "years away" from building a nuclear bomb, and that the White House had meanwhile opted for diplomacy.


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