Seven News: The federal government will try to deport an Iranian asylum seeker from Australia after three unsuccessful attempts to force him to leave, a refugee group said.
The man, in his 30s, fled Iran for Australia four years ago after converting from Islam to Christianity - an offence punishable by death in his home country, according to the Refugee Action Collective. But the federal government has rejected his bid for asylum and he has exhausted all possible appeals.

CBC News: Supporters of an Iranian man scheduled for deportation from Canada continued their hunger strike outside a government immigration office Saturday. Ali Reza Monemi, 28, says he will face further danger if he's sent back to Iran, but last March, an Immigration Canada ruling concluded he would not face unusual treatment or punishment if returned to Iran, and ordered him deported.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 04 - A homeless man was eaten alive by wild wolves in the village of Vali-Asr, near the town of Torbat Heydariya (northeast Iran), Sunday evening. Witnesses at the scene said that they phoned emergency services for help and attempted to fight off the wolves until police arrived but failed as the police did not show up.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 10 – Angry residents from the town of Baneh in Kurdistan province (Western Iran) attacked the governor’s office with stones and sticks at the start of the New Year after hearing of the murder of an individual by State Security Forces (SSF). Eyewitnesses reported seeing
shattered glass from the windows of the governor’s office scattered nearby.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 04 - A member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) today admitted to the systematic use of excess force by security forces against citizens. Fakhroldin Heydari, a Majlis deputy from the town of Baneh (northwest Iran) revealed that two individuals in his constituency were shot and killed by “aggressive security forces” in the past month alone and a number of others were badly wounded.

Los Angeles Times: Confined to the Terminal Island immigration jail for more than three years, the Mirmehdi brothers cannot help wondering whether they are somehow beyond the law. The federal government considers the four Iranians, outspoken opponents of Iran's Islamic regime, security threats with links to terrorism and wants them deported.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 04 - Students from the University of Tabriz (northwestern Iran) have continued their protest on campus following the dean’s decision to suspend two student union spokespersons.
The demonstration by a large number of students started Monday morning.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 09 – A Tehran court put a young woman on trial for keeping six kittens in her apartment, the state television reported yesterday. The state television aired the court proceedings in which the judge in branch 19 of Tehran’s court questioned the woman about why she was keeping the kittens in her apartment and how she was feeding them.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 07 - Iran’s vice-President in the Headquarters to Combat Narcotics announced drug abuse is affecting 11 million Iranians across the country. Dr. Ali Hashemi said that this staggeringly high figure represented people from all walks of life, including families whose lives had been totally destroyed due to drug abuse by family members.

Iran Focus Analysis: Tehran, Jan. 03 – Candidates set to stand in Iran’s June 17th presidential elections are seen by many Iran experts as right-wing extremists loyal to hardline Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Several of them, including former heads of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), have announced their candidacy for president.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 03 - Angry residents in Tehran’s 17th district blockaded the main freeway on Saturday protesting against the unsafe conditions which regularly result in fatal accidents.
Protesters stopped all traffic flowing on the Javaneh freeway between the 17th and 19th districts in the Iranian capital.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 02 – An Iranian official in charge of combating drugs in Iran stated that there are presently more than four million drug addicts in the country. Moussalreza Servati, a member of the Iranian Majlis’ Social Committee,
said yesterday, “At the start of the revolution we had perhaps 150,000 addicts, but presently we are facing four million addicts”.

Iran Focus:
Iranian FM will not take part in Amman conference
Iran announces June 17 as Election Day
Trial of Iranian diplomat to begin in Egypt

Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 04 - A demonstration was held today by over 500 nurses in Shiraz (capital of the southern Fars province in Iran).
The majority of nurses from both public and private hospitals in Shiraz took part in the demonstration which was held from day-brake in Faculty of Medicine in the University of Shiraz.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 02 – All schools and kindergartens throughout Tehran and Shahre-Rey, south of the Iranian capital, are closed today due to extreme air pollution in the region. Following an emergency meeting by representatives of Iran’s Health and Interior Ministries yesterday on Tehran’s weather conditions it was announced that all schools and kindergartens would be closed today.


North Khorasan Province, Iran. May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Yazd, Iran. May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Bandar Abbas, Iran. May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Pasargadae, Iran. May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Iran-Bandar Lengeh, May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Iran-Isfahan, May 22, 2018, the Nationwide Strike of Heavy Truck Drivers

Iran,Isfahan, Apr. 10, 2018. Farmers' Protest Rally Continues

Iran,Isfahan, Apr. 10, 2018. Farmers Stage Major Protest Gathering in Khourasgan Square

Iran – the Portrait of Khamenei and Khomeini Was Set on Fire


Ahvaz, 29 Mar, Peaceful Demonstration of People Faces With Brutal Clashes by the Security Forces

IRAN, AHVAZ, Mar 27&28 People Clash With Security Agents Who Wanted to Destroy Their Houses

WARNING - VULGAR LANGUAGE March 13 - Tehran, NW #Iran‌ Protesters Celebrating #FireFest and Clashing

Iran: Video Clip, Activists Setting Fire 2 Paramilitary Bassij Center in Lavasan, North Tehran. #Fir

March 13 - Qazvin, NW #Iran‌ Protesters Starting #FireFest, Defying Authorities Banning Such #4Shanb

Iranian Opposition Organises Protest Against Presence of Iranian Justice Minister at UN in Geneva

Iran - Feb 6: Protest by swindled investors of the Caspian investment fund in Rasht

Iran: Kian Tyre factory workers protest overdue wages

Iran Protests- Jan. 5, 2018 City of Tabriz, Protests Inside the Football Stadium

Iran Protests- 5 Jan 2018 - Crowd Chants Slogan Against State Security Forces