Iran Focus:
Weekly sheds new light on Iranian involvement in French hostage taking
Jordan's Foreign Minister again accuses Iran of role in instability in Iraq
Majlis deputies receive $1,000 each

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 31 - Recent studies reveal that fourteen percent of all children in Iran are currently working so as to provide income for their families.
Many of these children are forced into illegal employment such as smuggling, selling narcotics, and prostitution and have to forgo any opportunity of studying in school. Virtually all such children are facing malnutrition and are prone to diseases due to lack of hygiene, according to the latest statistics.

Financial Times: Trade talks between Iran and the European Union are set to begin on January 12 as the EU drive to improve ties with Tehran gathers pace. France, Germany and the UK have been keen to offer Iran incentives to restrict its nuclear programme, which the US suspects is intended to develop atomic weapons.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 30 - The director general of Iran’s Teachers Union resigned on Tuesday after increased
pressure by the Iranian regime on teachers and educational establishments. In the general meeting of the directors of the Teachers Union attended by ten of the fifteen members of the board, Mahmoud Beheshti-Langroudi, handed in his resignation citing “personal reasons”.

BBC: Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has said the death sentence on writer Salman Rushdie for alleged blasphemy will remain in force. He rejected the author's repentance and recent decision not to publish a paperback edition of the novel The Satanic Verses which was deemed offensive to the Islamic faith.

Iran Focus:
Earthquake shakes southwestern Iran
850 workers from Mashad go on Strike
Students protest against university in jeopardy
Iran biggest ballistic missile producer in region after
China and Russia

AFP: Iran said Sunday that Foreign Minister Kamal Kharazi might boycott a meeting of Iraq's neighbors in Amman next after the Jordanian king charged that Tehran was meddling in Iraq's affairs. "It is possible that he might not take part (in the January 15 meeting)," foreign ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters, adding that Iran would be reviewing its level of participation.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 30 - Following recent protests by Iranian students in Tehran’s Water and Electricity University a member of Iran’s parliament (Majlis) called for the immediate closure of the institution and a clampdown on the protest.
Mr. Rostami, the MP from Ghoochan, said “this university must quickly be shut down”.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 29 - More than half of Iran’s hospitals have declared bankruptcy in the past four years according to the head of Medical Department of University of Gilan (northern Iranian province). Dr. Fariborz Ghanaati stated that since the government introduced a scheme four years ago to privatise
the majority of Iran’s hospitals, 350 out of the 550 hospitals throughout Iran have declared bankruptcy.

Los Angeles Times: Their cheeks were bitten by the threat of snow, but the sisters didn't have anywhere else to go. They'd coated their faces with makeup and painted their eyelashes until they looked too heavy to blink, gaudy faces to offset drab denims and black coats. This afternoon, their spirits hung as low as the brooding clouds over the mountains.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 27 - Fourteen people were reportedly killed after heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in southeastern Iranian provinces of Sistan-Balouchestan and Hormozgan. Ten people were found dead near Sarbaz region in Sistan-Balouchestan after rains there caused rivers to flood.

Reuters: Mourning Iranians have flocked to the southeastern city of Bam in recent days to mark the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake which killed tens of thousands and left the ancient Silk Road city in ruins. Bam, a date palm oasis in Iran's southern deserts built around an ancient citadel, was flattened by an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the ...

UPI: Landmines left over from the Iran-Iraq war exploded in western Iran killing three people over the weekend, official reports said Monday. The Iranian News Agency said the incidents took place in the city of Dahlaran, on the Iran-Iraq border, also wounding two people.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 25 – The acting director-general of the workers’ union of the city of Shahre-Rey (southwest of Tehran) yesterday said that workers were currently living below the poverty line. Ali Tarkashvand said that workers desire to work with dignity with the hope of earning salaries to be able to have a reasonable lifestyle.

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 27 - The head of the Iranian Nurses Union said Iran’s nurses would stage nationwide protests on January 18, 2005, if the authorities continue to ignore their demands. Mohammad Sharafi Moghadam reiterated that the authorities have thus far refused to issue permission for a rally and therefore a protest had been organised instead.

Iran Focus:
Kurdish journalists detained
45 film stars barred from appearing on screen
Workers go on strike in central Iran

Iran Focus: Tehran, Dec. 27 – More than 200 workers from Iran Pars Garment plan to hold a rally over back pay in Tehran this week. They will begin a march from the city of Rasht (northern Gilan province) to the Iranian capital, the state-run news agency ILNA said. The workers have not received their salaries for the past seven months and Gilan Workers’ Union demands for government action have proven fruitless.

AFP: A year after one of the worst earthquakes in modern history, residents of the Iranian city of Bam are to pay their final respects Saturday to the 30,000 dead and bring an end to the traditional
12 months of mourning.
People from Bam and the surrounding region are to converge on cemeteries where loved ones were hastily buried after the earthquake that measured up to 6.7 on the Richter scale and reduced the town's magnificent citadel to rubble.


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Iran,Isfahan, Apr. 10, 2018. Farmers Stage Major Protest Gathering in Khourasgan Square

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