The Iranian Revolutionary Guards cooperates with Taliban militants in Afghanistan


Iran Focus

London, 28 Dec – On Tuesday December 27th 2016, the head of the council of Farah Province in the west of Afghanistan, Jamileh Amini announced that IRGC cooperates with the militias of Taliban in Afghanistan and they are actively fighting beside them. She also claimed that 25 Taliban militants who were recently killed in this province were also members of IRGC.

The spokesman of Farah Province, Mohammad Nasser Mehri reiterated that a funeral was held for the Iranian authorities who were killed in Farah Province while fighting beside Taliban militias. The governor of Farah Province, Mohammad Asif Nang has earlier announced that the Iranian regime plays a role in spreading the insecurity and fomenting violence in Farah Province.

Moreover, Fox News TV quoted the US commanders in Afghanistan that the Iranian regime helps Taliban to kill US forces.

The commander of US forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson also stated that Russia and the Iranian regime help Taliban to weaken the Afghan government as well as NATO’s efforts.