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Relentless bloodshed across Iraq – Chrono


AFP: At least 59 people were killed on Tuesday in a suicide attack against an army recruitment centre in central Baghdad. Here are some of the major attacks this year.

BAGHDAD, August 17, 2010 (AFP) – At least 59 people were killed on Tuesday in a suicide attack against an army recruitment centre in central Baghdad. Here are some of the major attacks this year.


17: A suicide attack against an army recruitment centre in central Baghdad kills 59 people, most of them prospective soldiers.

8: 43 people die in three bombings and a resulting fire in the southern port city of Basra.


26: Twin car bombs in the Shiite holy city of Karbala kill 21, while four others die in a suicide attack on the Al-Arabiya television station’s Baghdad bureau.

21: A car bomb kills 30 people near a mosque in a predominantly Shiite area of Baquba, central Iraq.

18: A suicide bomber targeting anti-Qaeda militiamen being paid their wages kills 45 people in Radhwaniyah, west of Baghdad.

8: A string of attacks against Shiite pilgrims in a three-day period leading up to July 8 kill 70 people in Baghdad.


– 20: Suicide bombers in two cars blow themselves up simultaneously outside the Trade Bank of Iraq’s Baghdad branch, killing 26 people.

– 13: Five suicide bombers storm the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad, killing 18 people during a four-hour siege.


– 21: A car bomb in a market in the central town of Khales kills 30 people.

– 14: A double bomb attack at a football match in the northern town of Tal Afar kills 25 people.

– 10: Four car bombs in the central city of Hilla kill 53 people, while attacks targeting security forces, a Shiite mosque and two Basra markets take 57 more lives on Iraq’s deadliest day of 2010.


– 23: Five car bombs, including three during Friday prayers at Shiite mosques in Baghdad, kill at least 52 people.

– 6: Six bombings in residential areas of Baghdad leave 35 dead.

– 4: At least 30 people killed and hundreds wounded in three suicide car bombings targeting Iranian, Arab and European embassies.


– 26: Twin bombings in front of a cafe and a restaurant in Khales kill 52.

– 7: Violence across Iraq during general elections leaves 38 people dead.

– 3: A triple suicide attack kills 33 in north Baghdad.


– 5: A bomb attack on the last day of a major Shiite mourning ceremony kills 41 people in Karbala, where more than a million devotees had gathered.

– 3: At least 23 Shiite pilgrims killed when a suicide attacker ploughs a bomb-laden vehicle into pilgrims on the outskirts of Karbala.

– 1: A female suicide bomber blows herself up among Shiite pilgrims proceeding on foot to Karbala, killing 41 people.


– 26: At least 18 people killed when a suicide bomber blows up a car at forensics headquarters in Baghdad.

– 25: Three massive and apparently coordinated bombings targeting hotels in Baghdad kill at least 36 people.

– 14: Three bomb attacks in the Shiite shrine city of Najaf leave 15 dead.

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