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European Parliament group censures Iran meddling in Iraq


Iran Focus: London, Nov. 20 – A European Parliamentary group accused Iran on Friday of being behind the group in Iraq which was running a secret torture centre in Baghdad. Iran Focus

London, Nov. 20 – A European Parliamentary group accused Iran on Friday of being behind the group in Iraq which was running a secret torture centre in Baghdad.

The Friends of a Free Iran inter-parliamentary group said in a statement that the torture centre discovered last week in Baghdad’s Jadariya neighbourhood was being run by the Badr Brigade, adding that the militia was created in Iran by Iranian authorities.

The Badr Brigade is the military wing of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), a Shiite group close to Iran’s religious theocracy. The militia is believed to have taken up many prominent positions in the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

The inter-parliamentary group said that the notorious detention centre, were more than a 160 mainly Sunni Muslims were discovered suffering from malnutrition, “fully confirms repeated first hand complaints handed by several Iraqi civil society organisations and citizens” to a Friends of a Free Iran mission which visited Iraq in July.

“As it was publicly revealed by Time Magazine (August, 22, 2005 vol 166 n° 8) Badr brigades and Iranian revolutionary guards followed closely the Allied Forces occupying Iraq and took hold of several Iraqi centres of power mainly in Shiite dominated areas”, the European Parliamentary group said, adding, “Their interference and control of political and civil life in Iraq has been steadily growing ever since, even organising death squads to eliminate all those who could constitute an obstacle to the expansionist fanatic aims of the Iranian regime in Iraq”.

“Friends of a Free Iran give their solidarity to the Iraqi victims of these executions and ask for the Allied Forces to ensure better protection of the Iraqi people”.

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