Iran Focus

London, 23 Sep - In his September 21 article in Blasting News, Brian Brinker writes about the large-scale protests and rallies in New York City by Iranian dissidents and their supporters.

At issue is the Iranian dissidents’ objection to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani's visit to the United Nations September Summit to meet with other world leaders at the U.N. headquarters in New York. The summit will be one of the largest meetings world leaders since Iran signed the Nuclear Deal with the United States and other world powers, which limited it’s nuclear ambitions, last year.

While sanctions have been rolled back, relations with Iran are strained, as the regime expands its control in Iraq, and supports the Assad regime in Syria. Some also accuse Iran fueling the civil war in Yemen.

Brinker writes, “While Iran has been trying to reintegrate itself with the global community, many remain skeptical. Thousands of protesters, most of them Iranian-Americans, took to the streets to denounce Rouhani, and tensions with foreign governments, including the United States and United Kingdom, remain high. Further, the German government and others have also accused Iran of violating the treaty.”