Seven News: The federal government will try to deport an Iranian asylum seeker from Australia after three unsuccessful attempts to force him to leave, a refugee group said.
The man, in his 30s, fled Iran for Australia four years ago after converting from Islam to Christianity - an offence punishable by death in his home country, according to the Refugee Action Collective. But the federal government has rejected his bid for asylum and he has exhausted all possible appeals.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 14 - More than 50,000 people have been arrested in Greater Tehran in the past nine months, according to the head of the Office to Combat Narcotics in Greater Tehran. "A large proportion of those in custody, who comprise people from different sectors of society, are between 25 and 30 years of age", Major Ghodratollah Mahmoudi said in an interview with a state-run news agency
on Wednesday.
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CBC News: Supporters of an Iranian man scheduled for deportation from Canada continued their hunger strike outside a government immigration office Saturday. Ali Reza Monemi, 28, says he will face further danger if he's sent back to Iran, but last March, an Immigration Canada ruling concluded he would not face unusual treatment or punishment if returned to Iran, and ordered him deported.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 13 - There are at least 150,000 drug addicts in the city of Mashad (northeast Iran), according to the head of the city's Central Medical Bureau.
"According to recent statistics there are 150,000 drug addicts
at present in Mashad", Rajab Hedayatnia said.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 10 – Angry residents from the town of Baneh in Kurdistan province (Western Iran) attacked the governor’s office with stones and sticks at the start of the New Year after hearing of the murder of an individual by State Security Forces (SSF). Eyewitnesses reported seeing
shattered glass from the windows of the governor’s office scattered nearby.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 13 - In an apparent reference to the presence of US troops in Iraq, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard's Corps (IRGC) official called for Iran to mobilize its troops against the "dangerous Zionist threat".
Speaking to Revolutionary Guards and Iran's Bassij (paramilitary police) forces in Khuzestan on Tuesday Deputy IRGC Commander Mohammad Baqer Zolqadr said, "The Islamic Republic will not tolerate American presence in the region".
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Los Angeles Times: Confined to the Terminal Island immigration jail for more than three years, the Mirmehdi brothers cannot help wondering whether they are somehow beyond the law. The federal government considers the four Iranians, outspoken opponents of Iran's Islamic regime, security threats with links to terrorism and wants them deported.
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AP: An Iranian man who sought asylum in Australia after converting from Islam to Christianity has been deported to Tehran - where rights activists say his change of religion could endanger his life, a refugee advocacy group said Wednesday. The man, in his 30s, was placed on a flight late Tuesday from Sydney to Dubai, from where he would be transported to Iran, said Ian Rental, a spokesman for the Refugee Action Coalition.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 09 – A Tehran court put a young woman on trial for keeping six kittens in her apartment, the state television reported yesterday. The state television aired the court proceedings in which the judge in branch 19 of Tehran’s court questioned the woman about why she was keeping the kittens in her apartment and how she was feeding them.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 13 – Sixteen Iranian students were killed when a fire broke out in a school in western Iran at midday. Reports confirm that the fire broke out in Safilan village's local school in Chahar Mahale Bakhtiari province (west Iran) after a schoolteacher attempted to turn on a gas heater which was near flammable liquids which caught fire upon contact.
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Iran Focus: Tehran, Jan. 07 - Iran’s vice-President in the Headquarters to Combat Narcotics announced drug abuse is affecting 11 million Iranians across the country. Dr. Ali Hashemi said that this staggeringly high figure represented people from all walks of life, including families whose lives had been totally destroyed due to drug abuse by family members.
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Associated Press: The European Union resumed trade talks with Iran on Wednesday, more than 18 months after they were frozen because of concerns over Tehran's nuclear program. The EU agreed to reopen talks on a trade deal after Iran agreed last year to suspend uranium enrichment and related activities that had sparked fears it was seeking to develop nuclear weapons.
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The Guardian: The EU will today defy the US and resume trade talks with Iran in the hope of opening up one of the world's fastest-growing countries to greater foreign investment.
The talks, broken off 19 months ago, are being revived after the agreement between Iran and Britain, France and Germany that the Islamic republic would suspend its uranium enrichment and reprocessing activities for military purposes.
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AFP: The EU said Tuesday it will resume trade talks with Iran this week after Tehran agreed to suspend uranium enrichment, but the bloc vowed to keep up pressure in areas of concern including the Islamic state's nuclear plans. Talks on a trade and cooperation agreement, suspended 18 months ago, will resume Wednesday, but in parallel EU negotiators will restart political talks on key issues including human rights and weapons of mass destruction.
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