U.S. President Donald Trump by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton

By Pooya Stone

For the past four decades, the ruling system in Iran has made no secret of its hatred of the United States. Over the years, there have been many threats made to the U.S. – sometimes barely veiled threats, but more often, direct and clear threats.

During the Iran-Iraq war in the eighties relations became even worse. The U.S. deployed the Navy to escort tankers and ships through the Persian Gulf, resulting in exchanges of fire with Iran. Pretty much every time, the U.S. fared better than Iran.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

By Pooya Stone

After three days, the Iranian rulers have finally responded on Wednesday to the US decision to remove sanctions waivers on the eight countries still currently allowed to purchase Iranian oil.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei claimed: “America's efforts in sanctioning the sale of Iranian oil won't get anywhere… We can export as much of our oil as we need and want."

Iran: The role of the MEK

By Jubin Katiraie

The Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) has been dismissed by the Iranian Mullahs and their lobbies as insignificant and without serious following in Iran. However, the MEK has survived for decade and this is because it has extensive support – both inside and outside of the country.

Strait of Hormuz

By Mehdi

The United States warned Iran to keep the straits of Hormuz and Bab al-Mandab open, a State Department official said on Tuesday, after the U.S. ended sanctions waivers for buyers of Iranian oil.

“We call on Iran, and all countries, to respect the free flow of energy and commerce, and freedom of navigation” in the straits, the official said, Reuters reported.

UK Bank pays $1b after violating Iran sanctions

By Jubin Katiraie

A British bank has agreed to pay over $1 billion in fines and forfeited assets to the US and New York State for trading with Iran in violation of US sanctions.

Standard Charter Bank, a global financial institution, processed roughly 9,500 financial transactions worth an estimated $240 million between 2007 and 2011, through American financial bodies to benefit Iranian entities, according to federal and state prosecutors on Tuesday.

Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran

Iran Focus

London, 24 April - Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday adopted a bill that labels all United States military forces as terrorist, state TV reported, a day after Washington ratcheted up pressure on Tehran by ending sanctions waivers on the purchase of Iranian oil.

The bill is a step further from the one last week, when Iranian lawmakers approved labelling U.S. troops in the Middle East as terrorist, in response to the U.S. terrorism designation for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards earlier this month.

There were over 400 protests and strikes across 104 cities in Iran

By Pooya Stone

There were over 400 protests and strikes across 104 cities, towns, villages, industrial compounds, and business areas in Iran during March, including a three-day strike by teachers and various protests surrounding the government’s dire response to the devastating flash floods. This exceeded February’s total by 166 and equates to an average of 13 protest movements every day.

President Donald Trump-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John Bolton- the White House's National Security Adviser

By Jubin Katiraie

The US vowed to eliminate in May all waivers granted to eight countries that allowed them to keep buying Iranian oil from November 2018 as part of the US campaign to increase pressure on Iran by cutting off their oil revenues.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday that the US wanted to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero and had no plans to give any of the countries involved a grace period to comply with the sanctions.

Iran Floods

By Jubin Katiraie

It may be months before we know the full extent of the current nationwide floods in Iran, if indeed the Regime doesn’t seek to cover it all up, but it is already clear that this is one of the biggest natural disasters Iran has suffered in 50 years.

The Islamic Red Crescent has already said that the floods have reached over 300 towns and cities in 22 provinces affecting 18.5 million people (almost a quarter of Iran’s population), with around 1.2 million people now homeless.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

By Mehdi

The US will continue to increase pressure on Iran, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday, however, he declined to say whether the Donald Trump administration would extend sanctions waivers on eight countries that import Iranian oil.


By Pooya Stone

The Iranian Regime is terrified that the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is becoming increasingly popular on the internet, especially on social media sites that are officially banned in Iran, and thus have increased the ability to mobilise the Iranian people, in particular, young people.

Visit of the presidents of Iran and Venezuela

By Mehdi

The re-opening of an air link between Iran and Venezuela this month is yet more evidence of Iran's growing role in helping Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stays in power, according to analysts.

Last week, Iranian civil aviation officials announced that supposedly private airline Mahan Air had made its first flight to Caracas on April 8, which was the launch of a new air route.


By Jubin Katiraie

When Donald Trump entered the White House, he withdrew from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, citing Iran’s cheating and other malign behaviours, and reimposed sanctions on the country.

That was a bold step, but it seems most people in Washington still want to appease the mullahs so they would prefer engagement at all cost. Even the Pentagon and the State Department seems to think that it is too dangerous to challenge Iran. But all of these appeasement voices miss one thing: Iran is at war with the US, which it calls the "great Satan", and has been since its inception.

EU businesses to do business with Iran

By Jubin Katiraie

For a long time, Muhammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, has been considered the go-between between the United States and Iran.

He has taken on a role that bridges the massive gap between the liberal West and the antiquated Iran of the mullahs. He is the perfect person to do so because he is very familiar with the United States after spending decades of his life there. He has naturally become fluent in English and understand subtilities that make his arguments more sophisticated. He can make Iran’s views sound less harsh with the right choice of vocabulary.


Iran Focus

London, 06 April - In Iran, everyone is looking for somebody to blame for the recent inclement weather that was unplanned for — the floods and the ensuing disasters — while the most important and powerful figure in Iran, the Supreme Leader, has thus far failed to help the people who are suffering from the damage.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif

By Pooya Stone

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has threatened Europe on Sunday that Iran will not wait “forever” for the special financial mechanism that is designed to help Iran evade US sanctions.

He told reporters in Tehran: “I wonder how much time do the Europeans need [to set up] a preliminary mechanism?”

Iran: Protests by Flood Stricken Furious People

Iran Focus

London, 14 April - According to reports coming out of Iran, residents of the flood stricken areas in the southwestern city of Ahvaz have come out in protest over what they call the Iranian authorities’ incompetence in dealing with the floods.

In videos published on social media, locals in the Eyn-e Do region in western Ahvaz — an oil rich province of Khuzestan — marched through the streets chanting, “they wanted to dishonor us, but we will not be dishonored.”

By Jubin Katiraie

According to local officials across Iran, severe losses have been sustained due to the floods that hit 28 of the country’s 31 provinces during the past week. While no comprehensive reports regarding the economic impact of the floods is available yet, reports have surfaced saying a terrible blow has been dealt to housing, roads, farmlands, animal husbandry farms, and fish farms. As well, officials who deal with agriculture announced a preliminary estimate of $200 million worth of destruction to that sector.

In Kerman Province in the southeast, it is reported that some 1,600 kilometers of rural roads have been washed away by the floods. There are no reports about extent of damage in the city of Shiraz, as people dig out of the mud that is clogging the streets.


#Iran - April 10 - Bojnurd, North Khorasan Province, Northeast

April 10 - Shadegan, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

Seems to be Lorestan Province, western #Iran Horrifying footage of a road literally collapsing

#IranFloods- Kut Abdullah, Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, SW #Iran

#IranFloods-April 4, Poledokhtar,Lorestan province W #Iran

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