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Bye bye, captain


ImageThe Sun: The captain of the Royal Navy warship that lost 15 hostages to Iran has been fired.

The Sun

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ImageTHE captain of the Royal Navy warship that lost 15 hostages to Iran has been fired.

Cmdr Jeremy Woods was removed from HMS Cornwall after failing to prepare his sailors for a SECOND time.

Navy top brass acted after the Type 22 frigate flopped in a series of sea trials to see if it was ready to return to frontline duties. A source explained: “Cornwall just wasn’t making the grade.

“The captain has to carry the can for that — whoever he is and whatever he’s been through previously.

“It was decided to give her a change of leadership.” Cmdr Woods, 41, who will be moved to a desk job, faced heavy criticism alongside other Navy bosses after the hostage crisis 16 months ago.

His lightly-armed boarding party of 14 men and one woman were unprepared for a surprise attack by Iranian fast boats just off the Iraqi coast.

The Royal Navy’s humiliation was completed when the crew were forced into false confessions of violating Iranian territorial waters. The sailors and Marines were also shown in increasingly bizarre footage, including sole woman, Faye Turney, dressed in a headscarf.

Cmdr Woods will now probably be moved to an administration or training post — but will keep his £63,000-a-year salary.

His last task as skipper was to lead his crew on a goodwill parade in Falmouth, Cornwall — where the 485ft, 5,300-tonne warship was commissioned by Princess Diana in 1985.

Cmdr Woods has been in the Navy for 23 years, joining straight from school and training at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth, Devon.

He was promoted to commander in June 2004 and took charge of HMS Cornwall on November 20, 2006.

A Navy spokesman said last night: “Cmdr Woods has been removed from command. This is an internal administrative matter and does not involve any disciplinary issues.

“He will continue to serve and be reappointed to a post where his talents and experience can be used best.

“The removal is not related to the events surrounding the incident where 15 sailors and Marines were taken hostage.”

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