Iran General NewsTrump and Saudi King agree to "rigorously" enforce the...

Trump and Saudi King agree to “rigorously” enforce the Iran nuclear deal


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London, 31 Jan – Donald Trump and the Saudi King Salman have been in talks over the Iranian Nuclear Deal and how to properly enforce it and curb the Iranian Regime, according to the White House.

Trump, who has long claimed to oppose the deal, promised to renegotiate or tear it up, but enforcing sanctions for the Regime’s many violations of the nuclear deal is a good first step.

However, it is not far enough for people like Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu, who has promised to discuss with Trump, the ways to undo the nuclear deal.

As the Trump cabinet is being heavily stocked with Iran sceptics like Rex Tillerson, it may not be too long before Netanyahu gets his wish.

The USA and Saudi Arabia are long-standing allies who trade American Security for Saudi Oil, but this special relationship became frayed under President Obama who implemented a deal with Iran in order to prevent the growth of Iranian nuclear weapons.

Saudi leaders are also critical of Obama’s reluctance to get involved in the Syrian Civil War.

When Trump called Salman, the pair also discussed addressing Iran’s “destabilising regional activities”, fighting terrorist groups like ISIS, and establishing safe zones in Syria and Yemen.

The official Saudi Press Agency said that the two leaders held “identical” views on those issues, including “confronting those who seek to undermine security and stability in the region and interfere in the internal affairs of other states”.

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