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Iran regime’s sham election: sidelined faction calls for major overhauls within the system


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London, 13 Feb – Warning over the recent changes in international situation, regime’s sidelined band has called on Khamenei to accede to major overhaul within the regime.

Mostafa Tajzadeh, one of the figures close to regime’s sidelined band, has said that “one of the reasons it’s necessary to pay attention to national reconciliation, is the current international situation. With Trump in power, we (regime) is being threatened by some possibilities resolving which needs collaboration and coordination of all forces, as it seems that Trump is looking for an excuse to settle the accounts with Iran.”

“To prevent new problems, we need major overhauls in different areas which won’t be possible without national unity”, added Tajzadeh, “none of the factions alone will be able to deal with this huge burden… So, a national reconciliation will be meaningless unless all the political forces recognize each other.”

In response to attacks by Khamenei’s band to avoid Rouhani’s second term in offices, regime’s Health Minister ‘Hassan Ghazizadeh’ announced that Rouhani will take part in regime’s Presidential election show.

This comes at a time when Khamenei’s band has started its efforts to introduce a candidate by announcing a new coalition. Meanwhile, with Mohsen Rezaei, Secretary of Expediency Council, and Mohammad Bagher Zolghadr, former Revolutionary Guards Deputy Commander, coming on board, the new coalition is faced with negative reactions from Rouhani’s band.

On the other hand, there are differences within the Khamenei’s band itself. Revolutionary Guards’ Saeid Jalili warned the new coalition formed by Khamenei’s band, saying ”those who have decided to act cunningly will suffer a heavy fall.”

In the meantime, Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, a key figure in Khamenei’s band, has advised Jalili not to enter the Presidential race separately.

Also the state-run Arman newspaper has written in this regard: “these remarks show that Rouhani’s rivals have not yet reached an agreement on a single candidate, meaning that their camp is pretty messed up.”

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