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Iran: Political Prisoner Deprived of Medical Care, Severe Conditions Set by IRGC


Iran Focus 

London, 19 May – As a result of Iran regime’s Revolutionary Guards’ (IRGC) interference, Demands by the family of a political prisoner for transferring him to hospital in order to receive medical care has proved useless.

The transfer has been conditioned on several terms, including accompaniment of IRGC soldiers from Thar-allah headquarters during the treatment process, and medical care being exclusively undertaken at Baghiatallah hospital affiliated to IRGC with no visits in the hospital.

Since Mr. Arash Sadeghi has refused to accept those terms, negligence towards his case continues.

According to some reports, political prisoner Mr. Arash Sadeghi, detained in Section 350 of Evin’s prison, is in critical physical conditions.

After the refusal of Arash Sadeghi to accept the terms of Thar-allah headquarters and his family’s continuous demands, judiciary officials quoted IRGC that “if Aresh Sadeghi wouldn’t accept the IRGC’s terms, he could only be cured inside the prison.” Meanwhile he has various physical problems and the prison’s medical facilities are not sufficient to answer his needs.

According to a source, Mr. Sadeghi has been very much weakened due to the abdominal adhesions and has difficulties in digestion of solid food.

Some while ago, prison physicians prescribed protein serum due to his protein deficiency, but because the injection of this serum needs proper facilities, it could only be done in a hospital outside the prison.

So far the injection of the serum has not been done because of the pending transfer issue.

Arash sadeghi was first arrested by the Intelligence Ministry agents along with other students, in a protest held on 9 July 2009 in front of Tehran’s Alameh Tabatbai University. He was released on bail after 90 days
This Human Rights activist was again arrested by IRGC in Mai 2014 and was released on a bail of 600 million Toumans. While temporarily released, security forces, raided his house to arrest him, an act that caused his mother to have a heart attack and pass away shortly afterwards.

Mr. Sadeghi was arrested again in June 2016 in the Evin prison in order for the sentence to be carried out.

He was on hunger-strike for 70 days starting In November 2016, in protest to the arrest and condemnation of his wife Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraii

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