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Iran: Rouhani’s Second Term Will Not Improve Social or Economic Crises


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London, 20 May – The corrupt Iranian system is weaker than it has ever been following the sham presidential election. Internal disputes prove that the regime is divided and is beyond repair.

The President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, said that a second term for Hassan Rouhani will not bring any change to Iran. The regime will continue to supress the people and its failure at resolving the social problems in the country will become more and more evident.

Mrs. Rajavi said: “Crisis has precipitated at the leadership level of the religious fascism and would continue until the downfall of the regime of the velayat-e faqih (absolute rule of clergy).”

She also said that discontent is growing in the country and more and more people are standing up and speaking out against the leadership. This was evident over the past few days when dissidents risked imprisonment, arrest, torture and even execution to display posters across the country urging people to abstain from voting in the sham elections. They also called for the overthrow of the regime.

Mrs. Rajavi said that Supreme Leader Khamenei feels that the only way the country’s crises can be dealt with is through medieval measures that have no place in society today. Also, the fact that he was unable to manipulate the results of the election so that Raisi won is a major blow to his authority.

As a result of this election campaign, even more public attention was drawn to the horrific 1988 massacre in which more than 30,000 political prisoners were executed. Raisi had a major role in this massacre and the fact that he was very close to becoming the president of the country is proof that Iran rules with fear and violence.

During the election campaign, the chosen candidates admitted that the Iranian ruling system has a very small amount of public support – only 4 percent of the population supports it.

Rouhani’s presidency in the past 4 years was rife with poverty, suppression, injustice and thousands of executions. Although the nuclear deal freed up a huge amount of money for the country, most of it was plundered on the spread of terrorism, funding wars in the region and security expenses.

In February this year, Rouhani admitted that the Iranian proxies’ presence in Syria and Iraq was used as leverage to get Iran what it wanted from the nuclear deal. He said that if Iran was not present in these countries they “would not have had any security in order to be able to conduct the negotiations so well”.

If his first term is anything to go by, Rouhani will continue to deceive everyone into thinking that he can resolve the serious problems of Iran. The reality will be that everything gets worse. The regime will also continue to split and the country will sink even further into the social and economic abyss that it is already familiar with.

The only way the future can be bright for Iran is if the Iranian regime is overthrown. The Resistance will play a big role in bringing human rights to the people.

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