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Peace in the Middle East Will Only Be Achieved Through Regime Change in Iran


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London, 5 Jul – Over 100,000 people came together at the Free Iran rally in Paris, last weekend, to assess that regime change is needed in Iran; not just for the security of the oppressed Iranian people but in order to achieve peace in the Middle East.

The rally, organised by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), brought together dignitaries from around the world who voiced support for the Resistance forces and their President Maryam Rajavi and agreed that regime change must be orchestrated by the Resistance, who are the true voice of the people of Iran.

The timing of this could not be better, as the differing factions of the Regime are preparing to rip each other apart.

Rajavi said: “The ultimate solutions to the crisis in the region is the overthrow of the Iranian regime by the Iranian people. With [the recent presidential] election, the mullahs had intended to improve the regime’s situation. But they divided and destabilised the regime. Now, they are planning and threatening to oust Rouhani. Regime change is possible and within reach. The Iranian society is simmering.”

Shahriar Kia, a political analyst and member of the Iranian opposition group, the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/ MEK), wrote an op-ed on American Thinker in which he assessed that had the international community supported the Resistance forces from the beginning rather than pursuing a policy of appeasement with the Iranian Regime, the peace in the Middle East might be a reality today.

He wrote: “[Regime change in Iran] requires not a new war in the already flashpoint Middle East. The Iranian people and their organised opposition movement are more than capable of ridding the world of Tehran’s criminal mullahs. Such an objective would have been realised long ago if the West had not adopted a disastrous policy of appeasement vis-à-vis Iran. The end of the mullahs’ rule will be the prelude to the Middle East enjoying peace and security.”

The other key theme of the event, and of Rajavi’s keynote speech, was that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) should be designated as a terrorist entity.

This is something that many of the US speakers saw as something that would happen sooner rather than later.

Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, said: “We have a different administration in Washington that has a different set of principles and a different way of looking at the world. And under the leadership of President Trump, I believe he can help us rid the Iranian people of the oppression that has subjected them for so long.”

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, praised the Iranian Resistance and promised that Maryam Rajavi’s name would go down in history like those of American freedom fighters.

He said: “I believe that the commitment to take steps to help you help all free people everywhere will be clear in this administration, and the pressures will grow every single year in the direction of supporting 1,000 Ashraf so that we have a network of freedom prepared to take over from a dictatorship of death… This movement is going to be a movement that goes down in history as one of the great examples of human spirit defeating the evils of dictatorship.”


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