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Maryam Rajavi Gives Message of Hope to Iran Freedom Convention



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London, 5 July – Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) gave the keynote speech at today’s Free Iran convention in Paris.

Mrs. Rajavi’s arrival was greeted by thunderous applause, and she walked the length of the arena to greet members of the Iranian opposition before beginning her speech, in which she spoke of the future of the resistance movement and its inevitable success.

Mrs. Rajavi began her remarks with these words:

“My fellow compatriots…
“The flames of the auspicious and liberating uprising are again rising in Tehran and across Iran.”

She went on to say:

“The thunder in the cities and of rebellious youth are the heartbeats of the Iranian nation” and that
“The overthrow of this regime has come, victory is certain, and Iran will he free.”

Mrs. Rajavi’s words were met with chants of, “We are building one thousand Ashraf!” by MEK members in the crowd.

The chant is in reference to the refugee camp in Iraq where MEK members lived until 2013, when they were relocated to Albania. Upon their departure, MEK members pledged to build one thousand Ashrafs in Iran after the fall of the regime.

Mrs. Rajavi congratulated the MEK members living in Albania on their new home their (Ashraf 3) and on building their home with their own hands.

Mrs. Rajavi said that the prospects for victory against Iran are in reach and listed five reasons why they are in reach.

1. Because of protests by the youth, the regime has ended its posturing. They have chosen to go on the offense “no matter the cost.”

2. The Iranian people have organized an uprising in spite of suppressive measures. Even in Kazerun, a city of uprising and blood, the people persisted in their protests.

3. Crises by the regime have reached an irreversible state. The regime has offered no solutions. The Revolutionary Guards have been hit with defection.

4. Internationally, the mullahs have lost the U.S. as a patron of appeasement. The U.S. left the JCPOA and re-imposed sanctions against the regime.

5. Finally, “The development the mullahs feared the most is here: the organized resistance movement… The regime’s overthrow is coming,” remarked Mrs. Rajavi.

“Join with the call for a free Iran and say that you are ready,” urged Mrs. Rajavi.

Mrs. Rajavi challenged anyone who could topple a corrupt regime without pain or sacrifice, without exposing the regime’s crimes, without a campaign for international support, without a plan for transition, without a transitional leader, to go ahead. No one has been able to do so under these those conditions.

The movement requires a strong resistance, said Mrs. Rajavi.

Mrs. Rajavi re-affirmed the commitment of the NCRI to the principles of equality for women and religious minorities, human rights, and religious freedom. She summarized her 10-point plan for a peaceful transition to freedom and democracy after the fall of the clerical regime.

Mrs. Rajavi’s message was one of hope after a year of upheaval and six months of uprising by a people ready for regime change.

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