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Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei Issues a Lofty Vision for the Troubled Country


Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei

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London, 17 Oct – In a document published on his official website, his vision for the Islamic Republic in the year 2065 was outlined by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. The document is officially called the “Islamic-Iranian Blueprint for Progress” (IIBP), and according to Khamenei, “has laid the main foundations and ideals of progress and has drafted the ideal horizon of the country for the five decades to come.”

Iran is described as one of the world’s 5 most advanced countries in terms of “thought, science and technology” by the IIBP. Khamenei goes on to say that “by 2065 Iran would be one of the world’s top ten largest economies, one of the four top Asian countries and one of the top seven countries in the world as far as progress and justice are concerned.”

Khamenei’s vision for 2065 is “uprooting poverty, corruption and discrimination in Iran.” The Iranian economy is currently in a state of crisis, though, with poverty, corruption, and discrimination sparking protest and demonstrations among its people. Khamenei neglects to provide ways in which this will change will be affected in the next five decades.

Iranian reaction to the document has been less than enthusiastic. In fact, Abolfazl Ahmadi tweeted that.

A previous 20-year vision document was officially called “The Outlook”. It was published in 2005 and was meant to make Iran a developed country by 2025. None of the that document’s cultural, scientific, economic, social, or political goals have been attained, say experts. Instead, corruption, lack of social justice, and various forms of discrimination, along with the greatest economic crisis in the country’s history has brought two rounds of nationwide unrest as well as several other politically and economically motivated protests in Iran since January to the Islamic Republic. A new deadline, set five decades into the future, appears to signal the failure of the 20-year plan.

The IIBP is set for review by the country’s elite, the administration, and Parliament, per a demand by Khamenei’s office. As well, a center, set up and headed by his cousin, Sadeq Vaez Zadeh, is ready to prepare a revised version of the document within the next two years.

Still, calls by the Iranian people for regime change in its entirety will not be assuaged by a new plan that will likely fail as miserably as its predecessor.

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