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Protests in Iran Continue to Scare the Government


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London, 26 Nov – As the brave employees from the Haft Tapeh sugar cane mill in Shush, southwest Iran, continue their latest strike into its third consecutive week, more workers from other factories and businesses are taking part in their own protests.

In fact, many cities across Iran are the sites of hugely escalated protests; something that is now a major concern for the Iranian officials. Let’s look at just a few:


• Employees of various factories and workshops gathered outside a labour institution to demand better paychecks

• The Greater Tehran Bus Drivers Syndicate issued a statement on November 20 condemning the Iranian government for arresting the Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers

• Tehran University students in the Central Pardis district voiced their solitary with the Haft Tapeh strikers


• Khomeini Hospital began their own strike


• Farmers gathered to demand their share of river waters for their farms


• Khayam University students have been protesting


• Employees of the National Steel Group are on strike over their much- delayed paychecks

Bandar Abbas

• Street vendors from the Taleghani bazaar began a protest


• A group of workers at the Hepco factory raised a large banner in support of the Haft Tapeh employees


• Noshirvani Industrial University student launched a protest

These constant and growing protests and strikes are deeply concerning to Regime officials and even state-run media outlets, who are now issuing stark warnings about the future of the Regime.

The state-run Bahar website wrote: “A look at the measures and narratives used by the media and government officials, one can reach the conclusion that the workers’ demands are of no importance to the government. Pro-government media are completely silent on this matter and government officials are acting as if there is no such place as the Haft Tapeh sugar cane mill, let alone hear the voice of these protesting workers.”

This makes it clear that the Regime is terrified of these legitimate protests and are just burying their heads in the sand, rather than working to address these problems.

Bahar continued: “As a result, what is taking place in Haft Tapeh is not only related to those workers and represents a large portion of our society that lives under the pressure resulting from wrong decisions made by incompetent officials.”

While Iranian Regime officials issue daily statements about how well the country is faring under renewed US sanctions, this is not the truth in the markets or in the streets. These continuing protests will drive the Regime to its breaking point and allow the people to take over.

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