Iran General NewsIran’s Regime: “We Have Nothing Called Quarantine”

Iran’s Regime: “We Have Nothing Called Quarantine”


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by Pooya Stone

As the number of people dying because of the coronavirus and the death rate grows in Iran, international organizations report mortality rates more than five times as high as those provided by the regime.

According to the latest reliable statistics, Rick Brennan, Director of Emergency Operations in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) new Emergencies Programme, estimates the actual number of people with coronavirus in Iran to be around 75,000.

Since the last days of February, when the mullahs’ regime has officially recognized the existence of the coronavirus in Iran, the most common word that has been come with the word ‘coronavirus’ has been ‘quarantine’. The request to quarantine the city of Qom was heard from medical and scientific circles from the very first days to prevent the virus from spreading to other cities, but the regime didn’t accept it.

Although the regime initially prone to technical problems for quarantine, it was certainly not technical because China was able to quarantine Wuhan, a city of 11 million, while Qum’s population is not one-fifth of Wuhan (Hui Province).

Rouhani’s objection who has certainly Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s support had no scientific basis or principles, and they did not provide a rational reason for not quarantining Qom.

“We do not agree with the quarantine, quarantine belongs to pre-World War I and belongs to plague…,” Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said in early February.

The fight against the coronavirus epidemic has also taken shape due to its widespread worldwide expansion, and therefore international health law is ruling on it while the regime does not abide by any of these laws; President Hassan Rouhani contrary to all the ministers of various countries who accepted responsibility for the fight against the coronavirus in their own country, refused to accept the coronavirus prevention headquarter and prevented the quarantine of cities.

Is there any doubt that quarantining the cities of the outbreak center or province or even a country is very effective in preventing human casualties?

Is there any doubt that if the cities of Qom and Rasht were quarantined from the first day, we would not have seen the virus spreading to such an extent that the death toll would have increased?

Is there any doubt that the government in any country is primarily responsible for preventing a general outbreak and reducing human casualties?

Why didn’t Rouhani and Khamenei didn’t quarantine the infected cities from the beginning of March?

Quarantine is based on a set of principles accepted by international institutions such as the United Nations. These principles, called ‘Siracusa Principles’, are based on a number of principles, the most important of which is public information on all relevant events, and it also states that quarantine should not deprive individuals of their freedoms and rights, and for any restrictions explain is required to be given. Governments also assume responsibilities in relation to their citizens in the definition of the Siracusa Principles. Meeting their basic needs, such as water, food, and medicine, medical care, patients’ financial loss due to quarantine (like their income) is a series of principles related to quarantine.

When regime officials are questioned not to quarantine cities, they confess that they don’t have any interest in such a thing.

For example, Pirooz Hanachi, mayor of Tehran, said: “We could have quarantined in normal and good economic conditions, but future quarantine plans, such as a supply of goods and compensation, cannot be implemented in the country, and therefore quarantine measures cannot be fully implemented.” (State news agency Mehr, 15 March)

Heidar Ali Abedi, a member of the Majlis Health Commission, said: “If we want to quarantine cities, the public needs of people will be in trouble and in Iran quarantine conditions have their own definitions and this should not be compared with other countries. People need to understand that the current situation is not good with the spread of the coronavirus, so they have to stay in their homes and avoid traveling.”

Global solidarity in the fight against the virus is being formed, and all countries have realized that a joint effort must be made to eliminate the virus.

So far, tens of billions of dollars in various countries have been directly spent on combating the coronavirus and its economic damage. How much does Iran’s regime spend in this way? Nothing.

Many of these countries have also set aside budgets to save their small and medium-sized companies.

But the regime has not yet done anything about it. The subsidy that the regime has claimed to give the people is just between $ 14 and $ 40. That is, so small that it does not heal people’s pain. How can people really live in Iran while quarantining themselves without any support from the government?

The contradiction is that Rouhani says, ‘We have no such thing as quarantine at all. It is rumored that in Tehran or some cities are some stores and some jobs quarantined. There is no such thing at all.”

But at the same time regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei ordered those military units clear the cities across Iran, which is clear that it’s just an effort for more suppression, while in fear of the people’s unrest.

There is no doubt that the mullahs’ government has been under economic pressure from the sanctions and consequences of the coronavirus, but this is not an excuse to refuse from all its responsibility to the people and do nothing.

The regime already has many economic resources, such as the various foundations owned and controlled by Khamenei, with more than $ 100 billion in assets. And can use them to help the country to cross this situation. But the regime is not interested in it and is caring only about its own interests such as its global terror actions and its nuclear plans. Projects that devour a huge amount of Iran’s wealth.


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